Saturday, May 31, 2008

2 Bending PR's 5-31-08

Braced Bending:

24" x 1/2" HRS, 3 min. 42 sec.

This bend destroys my previous braced bend
of 36" x 1/2", but I've gotten quite a bit stronger
since then. The last bend was 4-13-08, so it's been
about 6 weeks.

Reverse Bending:

6" x 1/4" G2 bolt completed in 30 seconds total.
Ever since I got the hang of DO bending I haven't
been doing reverse as much and I'm thinking the lay-off
from reverse bending has helped. Tried a 5" and was
already out of steam. I did wobble it though.

Notes: Extremely happy with both bends. My bending
has come a long ways since April 19th, 2008 at the
Show of Hands Grip Cup. A Big Thank You to David
Horne for listing my braced bend on his website.

Fixing to go do a few sets on my RP Trainer and
my Thumb Roller and call it a day.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!