Thursday, May 15, 2008

Workout, 5-15-08 - Zerchers

Zercher Deadlift/Squat Combo:

set 1- 70 lbs.

set 2- 85 lbs.

set 3- 85 lbs.

Note: This is the first time I've ever tried Zerchers.
Adam Glass suggested this on GripperMania as a
kind of recovery workout from grip or an injury.

I really like this exercise. I deadlifted the weight, then
squatted down and set it on my thighs. Put both arms
underneath the bar in a curl position and then stood up
and that was 1 rep. I ended the set with a deadlift.

I felt really good with this lift. It seems to work everything.
I could have easily done more weight, but as always, I'm
cautious with a new lift. Next workout I'll start out at 100 lbs.
and go up each set. I'll also do 5 sets instead of 3.

A special thanks to Adam Glass for sharing this great exercise.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!