Sunday, December 8, 2013

Block Trainer Interest?

I am currently working on a possible deal with Richard Sorin of Sorinex to make 25 of the Sorinex Block Trainer that I reviewed in a recent blog post here on my blog and my Facebook page.

If you are seriously interested in buying one when and if this deal goes through please e-mail me your name and shipping information to:

These Block Trainers will have identical measurements as the one I reviewed with the exception of the loading ends. The loading ends will have 2" loading ends for olympic plates. ALL the units will come sandblasted ONLY. You can always paint your own the color you'd like if you so desire but the sandblasted finish is really ideal for a great gripping surface. Closely resembles the texture of a Blob50.

I will announce the verdict and the price as soon as the details are worked out with Sorinex! These will only be available through myself. Sorinex will NOT be offering these through their website.

Look forward to hearing from you and THANKS for your interest!

Stay STRONG and train wisely!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Reference Books I Use Frequently

You can get most of these titles for cheap at

These are ALL good books with TONS of detailed information and most of it is based on some of the  latest research out there today!

What's in your library?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sorinex Block Trainer - Introduction

Here's a video of a NEW Sorinex Block Trainer!

Here's various pics of the Sorinex Block Trainer below. This is currently my FAVORITE grip training implement! It is AWESOME to train with and the texture feels great and very secure from slippage!
Lastly, here's the link to Jedd's e-book on How to Lift the Blob:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ugly Rubber = Hand Strength

Early this past month Grand Master Strongman, Dennis Rogers started offering a NEW product called
Ugly Rubber This is a special piece of rubber cut to the same
dimensions as a standard deck of cards and is designed to condition and strengthen ones hands for tearing
decks of cards and if you can't currently tear a whole deck of cards he offers some valuable information
and training tips in a FREE video that comes with each Ugly Rubber purchase. But wait! It get's better with
this Ugly training tool! I've been consistently using mine now for over a month and not only have I conditioned and toughened up both of my hands they have gotten stronger as well! The best news is that
the unique strength you can develop in your hands and fingers carries over nicely to nearly every aspect of
ones other grip training!

When I started using my Ugly Rubber one thing I noticed the very next day was the different type of soreness I developed in my hands and fingers. My hands were sore where they have never been sore before and I've been training various aspects of grip for the last 25 years either for myself or sharing and teaching others how to strengthen their grip. My hands not only toughened up quite a bit but they seemed to have slightly thickened as well. I'm assuming to the unusual and unique type of conditioning this piece of rubber does to your hands. Both my gripper training and my pinch type training with block weights and blobs both increased after a month of using the Ugly Rubber. As a bonus I saved money because I wasn't having to buy decks of cards to practice with. With a little imagination one can use the Ugly Rubber for various ways to train your fingers and thumbs as well.

The Ugly Rubber is offered for sale in 2 versions. The Standard version and the Titan version. The difference being is that the Titan version is a much more dense rubber than the standard version and offers much more resistance. Right when it gives a little the motion stops! The Titan version is great for isometric training once you have gained a good solid base of hand conditioning with the Standard version. It's simply a no-brainer to buy both versions because it's only a matter of time before you'll need the Titan version anyway and you save a few dollars when buying both together! Both versions come packaged in a small burlap bag with draw strings to keep it stored away when not in use. Each unit comes with detailed instructions for use and how to tear a deck of cards. The Titan version has a red capital T on the front of the bag pictured below.

Tearing cards has long been a favorite feat of hand strength for the last 100 years and still to this day tearing a full deck of cards right out of the package has to be one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment there is in the Grip world! One thing for certain is there is nothing better for toughening up ones hands which in turn increases one's hand strength simply because it increases your pain tolerance which many times is the limiting factor that inhibits maximum force output with your hands!

Once again you can click here to order your version today:

I would like to THANK you for your time and your visit!

Stay Strong and Train Smart!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Josh Strength Website

Wanted to introduce my readers to a website owned by an individual who is a true strength & conditioning specialist and a former power lifting champion and world record holder, Josh Bryant and his website can be found here: Be sure and sign up for his FREE newsletter! He consistently posts very informative information for strength athletes of all types!

Josh Bryant was the youngest (22 years of age) individual ever to bench press 600 lbs. RAW! Impressive is an understatement if you ask me! I just recently purchased his e-book titled, Bench Press: The Science! This is without a doubt the Bible on bench press science and training! Not only does it cover the science behind the bench press but the principles and strategies he describes and explains are cutting edge for anyone wanting to get better and progress at any form of strength attainment, specially the Bench Press!

Josh is retired now but currently trains some of the TOP names in power lifting and bodybuilding! Names such as Johnny O. Jackson, Big Al Davis, Jeremy Hoornstra, and Brandon Cass just to name a few! Google any of these names and you'll realize quickly his clients are all world class, elite athletes.

Go and check out his website! He has many, many training articles filled with FREE training tips, advice, etc.
You can check out his Blog as well and learn more about this incredible man with a huge passion for helping others be as STRONG as they can be!

In the meantime check out his book on the Bench Press here: You can also purchase the book on Amazon as well for a few dollars cheaper with the kindle version. I bought my copy for my Kindle from Amazon!

I would like to close this post with a video of Josh Bryant with his 2008 World Record Bench Press of 600 lbs. RAW posted on You Tube:

Thanks for watching!!!

Stay Strong and Train Smart!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gulley Grip Review COMING SOON!

Just wanted to announce that I've been behind on posting any video reviews lately due to video camera issues but this is now all taken care of and I'm excited to announce an upcoming review of a NEW product on the market called Gulley Grips! These NEW Gulley Grip handles are taking the world by storm and as soon as I get my hands on a pair I will do a full video review and a written review with professional level pics right here on my blog! In the mean time go to and check out his products and see what they have to offer! Stay tuned because I got some fantastic training ideas with these NEW Gulley Grip handles! Check out the pic of these beauties! Thanks for visiting!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Frequent Deadlifting by Dave Dellanave

I wanted to take a minute to share a link with all my followers to a website created by
Dave Dellanave who is the owner of Movement Minneapolis in the twin cities! David
is a lifter, coach and writer for great websites like T-Nation and more!

Here's the link:

While you check it out I'll be preparing a future article sharing my current and past
experiences with a training concept called Gym Movement that uses biofeedback
to allow an athlete to let their own bodies determine what movement they should be doing
and not some guru, coach, personal trainer, etc. Not only that but by following a simple
protocol one can easily not only determine if a certain movement/exercise is the correct one
to perform at that time but one can also use the same protocols to determine the number of
sets, reps, intensity levels and MORE!

I recently purchased Dave's new e-book titled, "Off The Floor, Manual For Deadlift Domination"
and I must say that impressive is an understatement here! The first 20 pages alone is worth the price of the course and the best part is you get an introduction and very thorough understanding of how to perform
some simple tests that require no machines or electronic devices to determine what you can and should be doing at any given time. The only way I can explain the outcome is to ask you to try it for yourself! you
simply won't believe it!

MORE soon as I progress and become more knowledgeable of this seemingly impossible concept
that's taking the fitness world by storm!

Thanks for visiting and please check out Dave's website and blog!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Onnit Steel Mace

I recently acquired a #10 steel mace from a company called Onnit that can be found here:

This company offers 3 different size (by weight) maces, 10 lbs., 15 lbs., and 20 lbs. The one I have weighs slightly over the claimed weight (10.20 lbs.) and is 39.5" in length. The handle diameter is slightly over an inch and a half (1.606") and has 2 areas that are lightly knurled for a secure grip. They are painted black and feel fantastic in ones hands! They are virtually indestructible as well!!!

I currently don't have video capabilities for a demonstration of the various ways this mace can be used but after several weeks of training and experimenting with an Onnit Steel Mace I have come up with numerous unique ways to train ones grip, wrists, and forearms with one of these finely crafted maces! I will post a video demonstration as soon as I get video capabilities again! SOON!

In the meantime go to their awesome website that I have linked at the top of this page and check them out!
You will NOT find a better price on a comparable mace anywhere on the internet!!! Steel Maces go for very high prices and one can buy all 3 sizes of an Onnit Mace for the price of just one of the various maces on the market today.

I've posted a pic of this mace beside a #10 sledge hammer for comparison purposes. Now let me mention some advantages of an Onnit Steel Mace! The round, steel head gives near perfect balance when in use
compared to a traditional sledge hammer that can twist in your hands on impact of hitting a tractor tire for example and tweak or injure your wrists.The same can be said when swinging the mace overhead in various ways! The balance and stability while in movement is incredible indeed! Once you use an Onnit Steel Mace and still have money left in your bank account you'll never even consider another mace purchase!

Shipping was SUPER FASTand I had mine within 3 days of ordering! The customer service is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable of their products! Go visit NOW and check out some of their other products as well!!!

Stay tuned for a video demonstration of unique and challenging ways to train with this amazing piece of equipment!!!

Thanks for your time and I hope this written review was helpful!!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Grip Dynamometer from Russia

Pictured below is a Russian Grip Dynamometer donated to my Grip Museum from Natalia Aksak
from Russia. The manufacturer is unknown at this point but the date of manufacture is 1971.
Grip Legend and collector, David Horne pointed this out to me this morning in a response I had
made on the Grip Board.

The dynamometer registers from 0-30 kg./66lbs. and works quite well! After one gives the unit a squeeze the dial can be set back to zero by turning the dial in the back. Not a bad looking piece to be 41 years old and still functional.

A BIG Thank You to Natalia Aksak for her donation and generosity!!! Natalia has a antique store listed at! You can find her store by clicking the link below:

Friday, July 12, 2013

Recent Additions to the Grip Museum!!!

Pictured are some of the most recent additions/donations to the Grip Museum!

Pictured below at the top is 3 pics of a Herbert Broom Spring Grip Dumbbell with the original box from
David Horne's Collection in England! This gripper is circa 1920! The gripper is in great condition and works well. The box is in bad condition but as a collector any piece counts when you have something this old and rare! HUGE Thank You to Mr. Horne for this amazing gift/donation!!!

The next 3 pics are a  Gold Star Beer Bottle Gripper I received yesterday from my godfather and Grip Legend, Richard Sorin!!! This gripper came from Israel and Richard told me it took weeks for it to arrive here in the United States! BIG Thanks to Mr. Sorin for this wonderful addition to the Grip Museum!!!

The last 2 pics are a pair of grippers I purchased several weeks ago and after reading David Horne's Grip Encyclopedia Vol. 5, these look similar to his Henry Cooper grippers which have plastic handles where these are wooden. So these grippers are marked as "unknown manufacturer" until I can further identify these very attractive grippers!

Hope you enjoy the pics and Thanks for visiting!!!

Visit often as I will update this blog with items donated to the museum along with other grip related
information and pics I discover or stumble upon!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Why Not Join The Iron Mind Forum?

I was recently invited by Randall J. Strossen to join his IM Forum where he prides himself of the fact that
he's never had a topic locked of which some are so pathetic that one would wonder why anyone would
want to be a part of his forum!

Which brings me to my question of why not join the Iron Mind forum?

1) Randy has complete control of the topic(s) and has no rules as to who can say whatever they please
without recourse! Kim Wood being a prime example! Some of Kim's post are sickening and down right rude! The presence of such a character is reason enough not to participate!

2) Randy Strossen has a distinct problem in NOT staying on course in an argument! The guy can't argue his way out of a wet paper bag but goes around beating his chest as if he's conquered the world and yet
fails to logically answer any reasonable question. Randy is the best I've ever witnessed at dodging questions
and going off course and into tantrums!

3) The main reason for not joining the IM Forum is Randy Strossen's cowardice in inviting someone to a forum to simply vent his frustrations and anger upon because he's been called out on something not true. Maybe if enough people stand up to Mr. Strossen he'll think twice before spouting off false facts!

So now to your invite that you're calling a challenge? NO THANKS! I would NEVER lower myself to that
level Mr. Strossen! Stay on the Grip Board long enough and take notes on how a decent, well run forum should be ran and learn from it! After just 2 visits to the IM forum I stopped immediately and vowed to not visit again due to the disgust I read with my own eyes! The only way I know what ever goes on at the IM forum is when someone PM's me and informs me that Randall is bashing Mighty Joe (Joe Musselwhite) again. My response is always the same! What's New?! Strossen has nothing better to do than to bash others due to his own feeling of inferiority of himself. He 's so afraid that someone or some company may just take the lead in the field of Grip tools or possibly have a contest without mentioning Iron Mind and now Strossen is half paranoid and don't know what to do except what he's best at. Running his BIG MOUTH! I learned years ago that real people of science don't have to name call and spout off untruths! Go figure!

To everyone else that follows my Blog I apologize for this brief but well needed post against Randall
Strossen and his cowardice ways against others that are trying to improve the Sport of Grip!!! 

The reason for this is in defense of my reputation that Randy attacks over at his forum where he's in control and can do as he pleases! Unfortunately that's not how one gets to the truth of any matter!

Stay Strong and stand up for what's right!!!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Highlight of my Grip Career!

On June 21, 2013 after 22 years of waiting and missed opportunities I finally met in person
the man that is responsible for where I am in grip today and this is none other than Richard Sorin!

Without a doubt this was the highlight of my Grip career!!!

Richard Sorin is considered the grandfather of Modern Day Grip! He's the first man to ever certify on a COC #3 hand gripper and the man that came up with the Blob. A half of a 100 lb. York DB of the first generation of York DB's! Richard is a living icon for the sport of Grip and his many feats and accomplishments are too numerous to list without writing a short book.

I first learned of Richard from Warren Tetting in late 1989/early 1990's. I wrote Richard a letter and the rest is history! We continued to write each other and talked over the phone many, many hours! Richard sent me my first taste of real grip history by sharing copies of articles from vintage muscle magazines such as Iron Man, Strength & Health, and many others! I have every letter Richard ever wrote me and even kept some of the envelopes that contain the post mark as historical records for myself and my collection. I have many signed pics from Richard and several grippers Richard has sent me as gifts to mark our friendship and our mutual love and obsession with all things Strength and Grip related!

Below is some pics minutes after we met at the hotel in South Caroline where me and my traveled to attend the Sorinex Summer Strong VI annual strength festival in celebration of Richard's birthday! Richard and his son Bert treated us like royalty while visiting and we can't THANK them enough for such kindness and generosity!

Lastly, I also attached a few pics of the most significant gripper I own to date and will ever own that Richard gave me as a gift a week prior to our visit and our actual meeting each other for the first time! This gripper is 1 of 3 grippers Richard had custom made by Robert Baraban himself labeled as the World's Toughest Gripper! There was a limited number of these amazing grippers ever made. Richard had 3 made with the date of his birthday on each handle along with Sorin on the other handle. One gripper had 006 for the month he was born, another had 026 marking the day he was born and the third gripper he had made had 050 stamped on the handle marking the year he was born. Richard said he never thought he would separate these grippers and this is just how truly special this gripper is to me and will always be the center piece of my museum/collection!

One day I will make a blog post of Richard's feats and achievements in grip and strength he's achieved over the years! Richard has been involved in the iron Game since he was 13 years old and has never looked back!

Hope you enjoyed this story as much as I've enjoyed sharing it!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The First Retro Heman & Beast Grippers

Here's a few pics of 2 very significant grippers I purchased from Dennis Roger's Collection! My good friend and fellow arm wrestling competitor, Dennis Rogers contacted me a month ago and gave me a heads up that he was selling his vintage gripper collection and he wanted me to have first chance at his very first Retro Grippers made in March 2009 by Warren Tetting. The Retro Grippers were to be replicas of the original Iron Man grippers made in 1964 by Warren Tetting and offered for sale in Iron Man magazine of that same year. There was 2 different strength Retro grippers offered in 2009. The Heman and the Beast! ONLY 100 each of these were produced and each gripper was stamped with the number on one of the handle ends. Dennis kept the first ones made and stamped #1. These are the 2 grippers he sold me this month along with a very nice Certificate of Authenticity! I can't THANK Dennis enough for considering me first before going public with these rare, one of a kind grippers that are now very collectable and hard to obtain!

The last picture at the bottom is a copy of the original ad that Dennis Rogers ran on his website back in 2009!

Hope you ENJOY the pics!

Have a Grip Day!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rare & Unique Spring Gripper from Russia

Pictured below is a rare and unique spring gripper that was donated by Oksana from the Ukraine!
This gripper was made in the 80's from the Malyshev Plant where the famous T-34 military tank was made
in the Ukraine!

According to my good friend and Grip legend, David Horne there was several companies that made these
grippers. One was Avon and the other was Weider. I remember the one's Joe Weider produced and are now are considered a vintage gripper that is quite rare.

I feel very fortunate to have obtained this gripper from Oksana and if you want to see some really rare,
unique and spectacular antiques from afar please visit her website on and just type in Rarity from Afar to visit her store! Nearly all of her stuff is vintage items from Russia and many are really cool items rarely seen anymore!

I would like to THANK Oksana for this donation and this gripper will now have a permanent residence at my Grip Museum for others to see and to further preserve hand gripper history through my collection!

Thanks for your visit and come back soon!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Official Grip Museum for the Grip Board!

I'm pleased to announce that as of yesterday my Grip Museum was accepted as the Official Grip Museum
for the Grip Board!

This has been a vision of mine now for at least a year or more and Thanks to Bill Piche and the moderators
of the GB my vision has now become a reality!

The Grip Board has added a sub-forum titled "Grip History" and this is the forum where I made the announcement yesterday!

Stay tuned for more exciting events as my museum grows and donations come in from all over the world!!!

In the mean time check out the gripper below that will be the gripper that represents the Grip Board's contribution to the museum! This gripper was donated by Grip Board owner Bill Piche, (Wannagrip)and this gripper has an interesting story behind it and its importance in helping Bill get his COC #3 certification in 2001 and the net discussions of this very gripper when the Grip Board was in its infancy stages. This gripper was hand made by Warren Tetting in the late 90's when he stamped the handle ends with numbers instead of letters used currently to abbreviate the name (for example, a Master gripper is stamped with a capitol M on both handles which is the same as the #2 shown here).

Hope you enjoy the pics of the gripper and Bill in action in 1989 dead lifting 600 lbs. @ 193 lbs.

Thanks for your visit and come back often!!!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Blob50 Donation for the Grip Museum

Gordon Vizecky from Minneapolis, MN made a very significant donation to my Grip Museum last week
with a Blob50 signed and dated by Gordon to go on display for the preservation of grip tool history!

Below is some pics of this amazing donation from a true Gripster! Gordon is not just an arm chair grip guy either! Gordon is a Certified Captain of Crush on the COC #3 gripper and a long time member of the Grip Board!

The first 2 pics are photo credits from Gordon himself showing the Blob's after they came out of the foundry and the next pic is after he has applied 2 coats of paint. The next pics are ones I took from various angles so one can see and appreciate this BEAUTY of a Grip Tool! This Bob50 weighed in @ 50.65 lbs. on certified scales I use.

I would like to THANK Gordon V. for this very significant donation to my Grip Museum!!!

If you're interested in donating a gripper or grip tool to my museum for the preservation
of grip tool history please contact me by e-mail @

Thanks for your visit!!!

Enjoy the pics!!!