Thursday, May 30, 2013

Iron Gripper Ratings vs. RGC

As I await a response from the CEO of GD Industries on some specific questions I had for my video
review I figured I could go ahead with the results of my RGC ratings compared to the factory ratings
indicated on the Iron Gripper.

Iron Gripper Factory Ratings

26 kg = 57.2 lbs.

38 kg. = 83.6 lbs.

51 kg. = 112.2 lbs.

65 kg. = 143 lbs.

80 kg. = 176 lbs.

RGC Ratings

19.8 kg. = 43.6 lbs.

31.4 kg. = 69.1 lbs.

44.5 kg. = 98 lbs.

58.1 kg. = 128 lbs.

74.8 kg. = 164.6 lbs.

From the above comparison you can see that there's a variation from 11 to 15 lbs difference from factory ratings to RGC ratings. It's also IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that the factory ratings are not wrong in any way! Their ratings are very precise and done with precision instruments. The difference is where they apply the force out on the end of the handle.

The reason for the comparisons here is to give you an idea of what the factory ratings are relative to RGC ratings on torsion spring grippers! Very useful in my estimation! Hope you can agree!

Note: All RGC ratings were done with a 1" wide strap placed out to the end of the handle were the knurling ends. I also had to position the Iron Gripper in the RGC device 180 degrees opposite of normal due to the large head of the Iron Gripper but it worked very nicely! Below is a picture of how I placed it in my RGC device.

It's also worth noting that I experimented with strap placement to see where its placement would duplicate factory ratings and at 1" from the handle ends I came up with nearly identical (within a few ounces) ratings as the factory ratings listed on the Iron Gripper. Please be aware that the HANDLES DO NOT TOUCH on the Iron Gripper which I'll address in my video review. When fully closed the handles have a .250" gap between the handles. Instead of thinking this to be a disadvantage why not ask yourself if this limited range of motion can still be useful? My answer? Absolutely! MORE later including all the other specs you're probably curious about which I will go over in my video review SOON!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Vintage Weider Hand Grippers

Pictured below is a pair of vintage Weider Hand Grippers (blue) from the 80's!

This pair was donated by a guy out of Canada by the name of Andrew on his e-bay site.

I would like to Thank Andrew for donating these awesome grippers!!!

I have included a pic that shows the difference between this vintage pair and a current
pair available today!

You can visit Andrew's e-bay store for other vintage items here:

Hope you Enjoy the pics and Thanks for visiting my Blog!!!

Kool Gripper Donation from Retro Hut

Here's a really Kool Gripper donated by Kate Smith from her antique store, Retro Hut!

This is a pretty rare gripper being it was included as a promotional deal for a cigarette ad
in the late 70's maybe 80's.

I would like to Thank Kate for donating this really Kool Gripper!!!

You can visit Kate's antique store at

Hope you enjoy the pics!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Just a heads up to stay tuned to my blog for a video review I plan on posting
tomorrow (Monday), memorial Day of the NEW GD Iron Gripper made in Korea!

Below is a few pics to keep your appetite satisfied until I get the video posted!

It could possibly be Tuesday because I'm waiting to hear back from the manager
of GD Industries on several questions I had regarding this AMAZING NEW Gripper!

Hope you enjoy the pics!!!

Stay tuned folks and Happy Memorial Day!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sorinex War Hammer = BEAST

I just recently purchased a Sorinex War Hammer from to include in my strength and conditioning training and this War Hammer fits the bill perfectly!!!

This is a BEAST of a Hammer!

The powder coating allows for a great gripping surface!

The biggest advantage to the War Hammer over conventional sledge hammers is the round globe doesn't
torque with your hits as often times with a conventional sledge. This gives one a peace of mind that they
won't tweak or injure their wrists when swinging the War Hammer!

The next advantage is it's loadable! One can use various media for fill material such as lead shot, steel media,
sand, etc.

Before one can complain about the price one must consider ALL the advantages and the fact that you'll never
need another Hammer. You can have numerous Hammers in one with its loadable feature!

This weekend I used the War Hammer on a half tractor tire and did some sled training as an added benefit to my
overall conditioning training! I have a video coming SOON that will have you wanting to go outside and train like a Mad Man! Guaranteed! Wait and see!

BEST Hammer I've ever owned to date and I don't see ever purchasing another Hammer in my lifetime!

Before closing the dimensions are 37" in length. Weighs 12 lbs. empty. The loadable globe is 8" in diameter
and the handle diameter tapers from 1.5" to 2". I've posted several pics for your viewing pleasure and 2 of the pics are for comparison purposes with conventional sledge hammer handle lengths and hammer heads. Pictured from left to right is a #12, #16, SWH, and a #20 sledge hammer.

Hope you enjoyed and benefited from this written review!!!

Thanks for taking a look at this AWESOME training tool!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Recent Find - Sandow Spring Grip Dumbbells

Wanted to show a few pics of a recent find of mine which is a pair of Sandow Spring Grip Dumbbells!

I purchased this pair from a lady in France and I must say I am super excited that I finally came across
a decent pair that are intact and as a bonus they are the Gentleman's version with 7 springs with a weight
of nearly 3 lbs. each.

I will have more to say about these DB's as I continue to research these and other similar DB's. I made a few
contacts with whom I consider experts to help me identify the pair I have. From what I gather these are circa 1910 and offered the most spring resistance and the heaviest weight.

I will have more to share as I gather more information!

Thanks for your visit!!!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gripper Donation by Grip Empire!

I wanted to do a blog post today in recognition of a recent gripper donation to
my Grip Museum.

The donation came from Steve Pekarskiy at You can also visit his e-bay store that's also listed on his website. Steve has some very high quality grip training tools from
RB hand grippers to various block weights and MORE...

The donation arose out of a purchase I made for a red, RB 160 pictured below. When purchasing this gripper
I noticed he also had a black RB with skull & cross bones that is very collectible in hand grippers. I asked
Steve if he'd consider donating the gripper to my museum to represent yet another gripper in my collection
to preserve hand gripper history from the past, present, and future. He agreed and this beautiful gripper is
pictured below along with the red, RB 160 I purchased from his e-bay store.

Please visit Steve at and check out his Grip Tools!

A HUGE Thank You to Steve for his donation to my Grip Museum and for helping preserve hand gripper history through my collection!!!