Sunday, September 25, 2011

PR's - 2HP & Hub Lift

Recently I made a 2 Hand Pinch Device (pictured to the right) similar to a Euro Pinch Implement used in grip contests around the world.

After helping my wife (Tonya) with her practice session I decided to try for a PR and I did
exactly that. I lifted 133.2 lbs which is up 5 lbs. from 6 days ago.

My device is made from to #35 plates placed together smooth side out with York Spin Collars
securing them tightly together to form a 60mm wide pinching surface. It's my understanding that
if you practice with this type of set-up you can usually average 10-20 lbs. more on the actual Euro Pinch Implement. I hope this is correct as I just recently started practicing this lift.

My wife has gotten really good at this lift too. She set another PR today of 118.8 lbs. Up 5lbs.
from 6 days ago.

Also tried some hubbing today and set another PR of #45 plate with an additional 5lbs. added.
I don't practice this lift often but when I do I seem to be stronger every time.

Tomorrow is squat day (my favorite movement) so stay tuned for some numbers.

Stay STRONG and may your body and mind work together!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Vulcan Lever Attachment

Here's a video of an attachment I made for my Vulcan to help
strengthen your wrist while developing your crushing strength
at the same time.

Stay STRONG!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


There's numerous high level strength and conditioning coaches/trainers I admire and have the utmost respect for and Dan John would have to be at the TOP of that list.

With this being said I would like to share with my readers a quote from Dan
John that is worth etching into your brain:


Not only does this apply to being a great coach it just as easily applies to athletes as well. There's certain individuals out there today who believe that the buck stops with them and that everyone else is wrong and deluded. The sad truth is these individuals will never reach their goals much less help anyone else achieve theirs. They spend so much time trying impress others with their knowledge that they miss out
on many opportunities to learn from others including their own clients.

There's much I could say here but I believe my point is made. Try and have a growth mind set (what can I learn from this) and avoid the fixed mind set ( I already know everything). If you're willing to learn by listening and sharing knowledge your whole
outlook and progress will dramatically increase towards your strength and fitness goals.

One last thing, if anyone claims to have ALL the answers and try and teach you that only they have the best system out there and everyone else is wrong, AVOID this type of individual and their thinking. It will drag you down and keep your goals in a negative bubble unable to escape.

Hope this quote from a GREAT coach helps you move towards your goals.

Stay STRONG and may your mind grow along with your body!!!