Sunday, March 9, 2014


This is a detailed book review of James Retarides NEW book, Strong Arm Tactics, Training and Technique in Competitive Arm Wrestling! Before getting into my review of this amazing book let me assure you that this book is not written by some amateur or newbie to the sport. James has been involved in competitive arm wrestling for over 2 decades and he's been fortunate enough to see and experience the evolution and transitions between old school era and the current new school era of competitive arm wrestling. In those years of experience there has been a large evolution in techniques and training and James is a master of both! James is a National Champion is 3 different weight classes and has won over 70 professional titles in this ever growing and fast paced sport! Now with that out of the way let's get into meat of this review!

First, the looks and quality of the book are first class! The book is paperback (also sold as an e-book) and it's binding is very well constructed. The pages are thick and obviously made to be used and followed as a reference while one is learning or training for the sport of arm wrestling.

Next, the book is composed of 153 pages filled with helpful tips, explanations and high quality photos to demonstrate what he explains very well in his writing. Just reading the "Table of Contents" tempts one to jump around and learn new things before actually reading the book from front to back. You can do this but I strongly encourage you to first read the book in its entirety and then go back to the sections that interest you or a section that may address your weakness in strength or in technique and then progress in that manner.

The book has something to offer to any level of arm wrestler you may be rather it's beginner, amateur or pro level puller! The techniques described in this book are very detailed and thoroughly explained throughout. My favorite parts of the book have to be the training ideas, tips and strategies that James offers that really excited me the most! As an expert in Grip and grip training I can honestly say that very few exercises get past my radar that I haven't seen or experienced but James had a few surprises up his sleeve when it comes to training exercises to strengthen one's fingers, hands, wrists, forearms and other major body parts involved in arm wrestling! For example, want to develop some serious knuckles up pressure on your set up? Then BUY this book and turn to page 94 and check out these exercise gems! Impressive!

In closing I would to say that there seems to be no stone left uncovered in this book! James covers ALL aspects of training, technique and even the psychological side of the sport! The book starts with the basics and logically progresses to more advanced methods and strategies as one progresses through the book and in their training. For the price of this book and it's contents I honestly don't see how one could possibly go wrong with this purchase! Even if you decided not to give competitive arm wrestling a try you would have gained some valuable insight into how to seriously strengthen your upper body, specially the fingers, hands and wrist areas!

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THANKS for your time in reading my review and a Big Thank You to James Retarides for allowing me the opportunity to review this amazingly informative book on the sport of com
petitive arm wrestling!!!