Monday, May 19, 2008

Rest Day & Change of Plans

Rest Day:

Today is a rest day from a lousy workout yesterday.
Today is also the day I'm making a change in my training
plans due to a nagging injury in my upper right forearm
and to spur potential new levels of strength.

A Thank You goes out to Adam Glass, David Horne and
Ben Edwards for their ideas and suggestions that may help
my progress.

In the last few weeks I've paid special attention to the
exercises that irritate my right arm. These exercises
1) Heavy Grippers

2) Pinching Block Weights

3) Front Levering

4) Any reverse curling action

To prevent further injury and irritation I'm making the following
changes until no further irritation:

1) Plate Loading Grip machine replaces Grippers

2) Thin (1/2") Pinch & Thumb Roller replaces Block Weights

3) Seated Fat Barbell (2 -1/4" dia.) Wrist Curls replaces Levering

4) Rubber Band Finger Extensions replaces any reverse curling action.

Hopefully the change up will also stimulate new levels of strength, growth
and healing.

I will still use the RP Trainer because it doesn't irritate my injury.

I will limit the 1" V-Bar to twice a month and see if it causes irritation.

The same thing with my Rolling Thunder, I will use it as always unless
it causes irritation. This will aslo give me a chance to see if the V-Bar or
the Rolling Thunder is causing further problems. If so, I'll substitute another
exercise for these also.

In future postings I will update my readers of my progress with these changes.
Hopefully, others may benefit from my postings on this issue.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!