Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gripper Collection Picture UPDATE!!!

This weekend I re-arranged my "Grip Corner" to include ALL my current grippers
and a signed picture Richard Sorin gave me in June of 1991 of him closing the
Iron Mind #3 gripper.

Also included is a new Captains of Crush #3 gripper signed by Richard Sorin
that is still in the package. I will probably never open this package and keep it
as is for my collection.

A BIG THANK YOU to Richard Sorin for the picture and the signed #3 gripper.

The two grippers above Richard's picture are a FBBC Super and FBBC Hard.
There was only a limited number of these two grippers made. Sure to be a future
collectors item.

On the table top is 3 of my FP Grippers for increasing finger pressure for arm wrestling or card tearing. Also on the table is a Telegraph Key made for strengthening your thumbs made by Warren Tetting. Notice the handles are reversed from the way Iron Mind makes them. You can close the handles all the way together this way (more ROM).
On the door hanging from #12, yellow jack chain is my custom made Shorty" Grippers from Beginner to Grand Elite made by Warren Tetting. Also hanging from the door is a set of 5/8" diameter handle grippers from Beginner to Grand Elite. Lastly hanging from the door is eleven RB Grippers from RB 70 to RB 365. The RB 400 is hanging on the red board, top left corner. The only grippers missing at this point is my set of 6 Heavy Grips which are out on loan.
NOTE: The "Shorty" Grippers are standard diameter handles that are 3-1/4" long instead of 3-3/4" making them harder because of less leverage. Neat little grippers that are TOUGH!
Hope you enjoy viewing my collection. Any comments are appreciated!

More updates as I purchase more grippers or add/change to my "Grip Corner".

Stay informed and stay Strong!!!