Saturday, August 17, 2013

Onnit Steel Mace

I recently acquired a #10 steel mace from a company called Onnit that can be found here:

This company offers 3 different size (by weight) maces, 10 lbs., 15 lbs., and 20 lbs. The one I have weighs slightly over the claimed weight (10.20 lbs.) and is 39.5" in length. The handle diameter is slightly over an inch and a half (1.606") and has 2 areas that are lightly knurled for a secure grip. They are painted black and feel fantastic in ones hands! They are virtually indestructible as well!!!

I currently don't have video capabilities for a demonstration of the various ways this mace can be used but after several weeks of training and experimenting with an Onnit Steel Mace I have come up with numerous unique ways to train ones grip, wrists, and forearms with one of these finely crafted maces! I will post a video demonstration as soon as I get video capabilities again! SOON!

In the meantime go to their awesome website that I have linked at the top of this page and check them out!
You will NOT find a better price on a comparable mace anywhere on the internet!!! Steel Maces go for very high prices and one can buy all 3 sizes of an Onnit Mace for the price of just one of the various maces on the market today.

I've posted a pic of this mace beside a #10 sledge hammer for comparison purposes. Now let me mention some advantages of an Onnit Steel Mace! The round, steel head gives near perfect balance when in use
compared to a traditional sledge hammer that can twist in your hands on impact of hitting a tractor tire for example and tweak or injure your wrists.The same can be said when swinging the mace overhead in various ways! The balance and stability while in movement is incredible indeed! Once you use an Onnit Steel Mace and still have money left in your bank account you'll never even consider another mace purchase!

Shipping was SUPER FASTand I had mine within 3 days of ordering! The customer service is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable of their products! Go visit NOW and check out some of their other products as well!!!

Stay tuned for a video demonstration of unique and challenging ways to train with this amazing piece of equipment!!!

Thanks for your time and I hope this written review was helpful!!!