Wednesday, May 7, 2008

5-07-08 Workout


MS Gripper- 8-10 singles (Heavy)

RP Trainer- 8-10 singles & hold shut,
force shut on failures.

TNS #1 gripper, 5 singles each hand

Tested strength of ring and pinky fingers.
Closed & held shut #6 TUG

1" V-bar:

set 1- 132 lbs. R&L

set 2- 162 lbs. R&L

set 3- 172 lbs. R&L

set 4- 186 lbs. R&L

set 5- 198.8 lbs. L, missed R
*New PR* for left hand

1/2" Pinch:

3 sets, 10 reps R&L 28.2 lbs.

IM Rolling Thunder:

3 singles, R&L- 115 lbs.

Leverage Club #12:

10 reps R&L, front

3 sets, 8-10 reps, R&L, rear

Contrast Baths:

6 times hot, six times cold.
Last dip cold.


Fingers, wrist and forearms

Note: Felt good overall. Card tearing was weak, so I skipped it.
Right outer elbow is still irritated when doing heavy grippers. Hope
it heals soon.

Teemu's routine for grippers seems to produce the best results I've ever had so far.
Thanks Teemu!!!

Stay tuned and stay Strong!