Sunday, June 1, 2008

Single Finger Lifting-Ouch!

Single Finger Lifts:

Warm-up, 5 reps each hand- 58 lbs.

set 1- single each hand- 82.6 lbs.

set 2- single each hand- 87.4 lbs.

note: Only the middle finger of each hand was used.
Must build pain tolerance for this lift as it's painful and
can cause injury if not cautious of weight increases.

Fat Bar Dead Lift Test:

1 attempt to see where I'm at: 190.8 lbs.
Under 10 pounds of my short term goal for
this lift. Bar diameter= 2-1/4"

Ring Lift-All fingers:

set 1- single, 84 lbs.

set 2- single, 123 lbs.

set 3- single, 188 lbs.

Rolling Thunder;

2 sets- singles, 109 lbs.

Leverage Wrist Curls:

3 sets- 8 reps, 14 lbs.

1" V-bar:

set 1- 168 lbs. R&L

set 2- 180 lbs. R&L

Notes: Did a variety of lifts for muscle confusion to
possibly stimulate new growth and strength. Didn't do
a lot of any single lift/exercise.

First day of training for single finger lifts. I've got to be
very cautious and take my time on getting stronger at
this lift. My short term goal is getting over 100 lbs.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!