Monday, May 26, 2008

Bending & Biceps

DO Bending:

Warm-up- IM Yellow

Attempt- G2, 5/16" x 6"-failed

G5 bolt- 1/4" x 6" got to 115 degrees in
5 minutes. Finished it off later on in workout.

G2 bolt- 1/4" x 6", easy

G2 bolt- 1/4" x 5" with IM pads only, *PR*

Reverse Bending:

1/4" x 7" HRS both right & left hand as anchors
Felt strong at reverse today. Should have tried 6"

Bicep Curls w/Fat Bar:

set 1- 10 reps, 36.6 lbs.

set 2- 10 reps, 54.8 lbs.

set 3- 10 reps, 66.0 lbs.

set 4- 6 reps, 86.8 lbs.

Curling is weak. Hope to be over 100 lbs. for reps
within 2 months.

Wrist Curls w/ Fat Bar:

4 sets, same weights as Bicep Curls.

Felt strong on wrist curls. Could have easily went
heavier. These are great on my Fat Bar (2- 1/4" dia.)

Notes: Overall, great workout. Felt great! My bending
is getting better by the session. When I can consistently
kill the 6" x 1/4" G5, I'll start working on the G8.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!