Friday, July 26, 2013

Grip Dynamometer from Russia

Pictured below is a Russian Grip Dynamometer donated to my Grip Museum from Natalia Aksak
from Russia. The manufacturer is unknown at this point but the date of manufacture is 1971.
Grip Legend and collector, David Horne pointed this out to me this morning in a response I had
made on the Grip Board.

The dynamometer registers from 0-30 kg./66lbs. and works quite well! After one gives the unit a squeeze the dial can be set back to zero by turning the dial in the back. Not a bad looking piece to be 41 years old and still functional.

A BIG Thank You to Natalia Aksak for her donation and generosity!!! Natalia has a antique store listed at! You can find her store by clicking the link below:

Friday, July 12, 2013

Recent Additions to the Grip Museum!!!

Pictured are some of the most recent additions/donations to the Grip Museum!

Pictured below at the top is 3 pics of a Herbert Broom Spring Grip Dumbbell with the original box from
David Horne's Collection in England! This gripper is circa 1920! The gripper is in great condition and works well. The box is in bad condition but as a collector any piece counts when you have something this old and rare! HUGE Thank You to Mr. Horne for this amazing gift/donation!!!

The next 3 pics are a  Gold Star Beer Bottle Gripper I received yesterday from my godfather and Grip Legend, Richard Sorin!!! This gripper came from Israel and Richard told me it took weeks for it to arrive here in the United States! BIG Thanks to Mr. Sorin for this wonderful addition to the Grip Museum!!!

The last 2 pics are a pair of grippers I purchased several weeks ago and after reading David Horne's Grip Encyclopedia Vol. 5, these look similar to his Henry Cooper grippers which have plastic handles where these are wooden. So these grippers are marked as "unknown manufacturer" until I can further identify these very attractive grippers!

Hope you enjoy the pics and Thanks for visiting!!!

Visit often as I will update this blog with items donated to the museum along with other grip related
information and pics I discover or stumble upon!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Why Not Join The Iron Mind Forum?

I was recently invited by Randall J. Strossen to join his IM Forum where he prides himself of the fact that
he's never had a topic locked of which some are so pathetic that one would wonder why anyone would
want to be a part of his forum!

Which brings me to my question of why not join the Iron Mind forum?

1) Randy has complete control of the topic(s) and has no rules as to who can say whatever they please
without recourse! Kim Wood being a prime example! Some of Kim's post are sickening and down right rude! The presence of such a character is reason enough not to participate!

2) Randy Strossen has a distinct problem in NOT staying on course in an argument! The guy can't argue his way out of a wet paper bag but goes around beating his chest as if he's conquered the world and yet
fails to logically answer any reasonable question. Randy is the best I've ever witnessed at dodging questions
and going off course and into tantrums!

3) The main reason for not joining the IM Forum is Randy Strossen's cowardice in inviting someone to a forum to simply vent his frustrations and anger upon because he's been called out on something not true. Maybe if enough people stand up to Mr. Strossen he'll think twice before spouting off false facts!

So now to your invite that you're calling a challenge? NO THANKS! I would NEVER lower myself to that
level Mr. Strossen! Stay on the Grip Board long enough and take notes on how a decent, well run forum should be ran and learn from it! After just 2 visits to the IM forum I stopped immediately and vowed to not visit again due to the disgust I read with my own eyes! The only way I know what ever goes on at the IM forum is when someone PM's me and informs me that Randall is bashing Mighty Joe (Joe Musselwhite) again. My response is always the same! What's New?! Strossen has nothing better to do than to bash others due to his own feeling of inferiority of himself. He 's so afraid that someone or some company may just take the lead in the field of Grip tools or possibly have a contest without mentioning Iron Mind and now Strossen is half paranoid and don't know what to do except what he's best at. Running his BIG MOUTH! I learned years ago that real people of science don't have to name call and spout off untruths! Go figure!

To everyone else that follows my Blog I apologize for this brief but well needed post against Randall
Strossen and his cowardice ways against others that are trying to improve the Sport of Grip!!! 

The reason for this is in defense of my reputation that Randy attacks over at his forum where he's in control and can do as he pleases! Unfortunately that's not how one gets to the truth of any matter!

Stay Strong and stand up for what's right!!!