Sunday, May 18, 2008

Horrible Workout- 5-18-08

Everyone has them and I had one today even after a 3 day rest.
Everything I did I was weak at.


Warm-up- HRS, 7" x 1/4" w/ IM wraps

Attempt G2 Bolt, 6" x 5/16"- 3 degrees

IM Blue, w/ IM wraps, felt harder than normal

60D Dull w/ IM wraps-failed. Wrapped a layer
of suede on wraps and got it pretty easy.

Stopped the bending at this point because of


Warm-up- Trainer, 10 reps, R&L hand

Super Master w/ parallel set-failed R&L but
forced it shut each time.

IM #2- 3 sets, singles, R&L

Master- 3 sets, singles, R&L

IM #1- 15 reps, R-hand
12 reps, L-hand

RP Trainer:

3 sets, singles, R&L

MS Gripper:

3 sets, singles, R&L

Narrow Pinch 1/2"

1 set, 10 reps

Rolling Thunder:

5 sets, singles, R-hand, 115 lbs.
L-hand, 100 lbs.

Thumb Roller:

3 sets each way, great pump on thumbs.

Leverage Club #12:

10 reps each hand

Contrast Baths:

4 hot and 4 cold, last one cold.

Note: Overall a really bad workout. Seemd like everything
caused minor aches and pains. Felt weak at bending for sure.
Grippers felt okay, but I've done better.

Next few workouts I'm decreasing poundages and difficulties
on all feats. Higher reps seem to help the body heal.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!