Saturday, May 3, 2008

Grip, Levering & Card Tearing

Grip Workout:

RP Trainer, ring & pinky finger- 6 sets, hard singles

Index & middle finger- 6 sets, hard singles

MS Gripper, 10 sets, medium to hard singles

IM Rolling Thunder, 6 sets, singles, max. 115.8
right & left hand

Levering Workout:

#8 Sledge- Front, 19" handle, 5 reps, R&L

22" handle, 3 reps, R&L

25" handle, 1 rep, R&L

#20 Sledge- Back, 2" handle, 8 reps, R&L

4" handle, 4 reps, R&L

6" handle, 1 rep, R, miss left

1/2" Thick Pinch Lifting:

set 1- 25 lbs. 10 reps, R&L

set 2- 30 lbs. 10 reps, R&L

set 3- 30 lbs. 10 reps, R&L

set 4- 2 fingers, 25 lbs. R, miss L

Card Tearing:

Deck 1- 30 cards, under 30 seconds, fairly easy

Deck 2- 35 cards, nearly 3 minutes, hard to finish

I've noticed that card tearing really works the hands
hard. That's why the second deck is always tougher.
30 cards felt easy this workout because I tore them first
and then the 35 card deck. I'm anxious to see if the 35 cards
next workout will be easier becasue I'll try them first.

I add 5 cards to last deck I tore, each workout. When I reach a
stack that I can't tear, I'll back off several cards until I can tear it.

Bought and calibrated some more olympic plates today for
my new thick barbell. I now have 2-45's, 2-35's, 2-25's,
2- 10's, 4-5's and 2-2.5's

This should be sufficient for a 2 -1/4" thick bar. I'll be thrilled
when I have to buy more plates for this monster.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!