Monday, January 30, 2012

200th Gripper = GHP Level 10

Here's a pic of my 200th gripper to my collection and it's a very special gripper

Wade Gillingham of Gripper Super Store sent me a GHP Level 10 Gripper that was the
2nd one made. Wade told me Richard Sorin got the first one and Wade got number 3 and 4.

For a collector like myself this is HUGE!

I left the gripper in the package as I received it marked No.2 by Wade Gillingham
as can be seen from the pic along with the rest of the GHP line-up.

Move over Iron Mind Captain's of Crush! There's a NEW gold standard in torsion spring hand grippers and they go by the name, Gillingham High Performance!!!

I would like to THANK Wade for being so considerate in letting me have this gripper!!!

You're a class act Wade!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NEWS FLASH - GHP Grippers 1-9 ARE HERE!!!

Pictured are Wade Gillingham's NEW GHP Torsion Spring Grippers, levels 1 - 9 and level 10
is NOW available as well!!!

These grippers can be purchased right NOW by clicking on the "title" of this blog post!

Here's a pic of the LINEUP and LEVEL 6 CLOSE!!!


2-Finger Gripper

Here's some pictures of my NEW 2-Finger Gripper I had custom made from my good friend
Arian Tepper from PythonGrip.

I've always been a big fan of 2 finger training and for reasons unknown to me I've always had
strong ring/pinky fingers from both hands.

This NEW gripper is my goal gripper for RP finger closes.

The handles are 2" in length with the handles being different diameters.
The larger diameter (.980") handle goes in the palm and the smaller diameter (.750")
handle towards the fingers. The handle diameter combination and length make these superior
to the IMTUGS from IronMind both in secure placement in the hand and better control through the crush movement.

The gripper calibrated RGC 49.8 kg. (110 lbs) which is equivalent to an average COC #2 gripper.

I'm currently slightly past parallel with both right and left hand. I will keep a record of my progress here on my blog and my YouTube channel.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

TNS Gripper from Python Grip = UNCLOSEABLE

One of my Christmas presents for 2011 was a Custom Made Gripper from PythonGrip
that was designed for No-Set or Table No-Set (TNS) closes.

The black aluminum handles are engraved with "Uncloseable" on one handle and Python Grip
on the other.

The handle spread is 61mm (2.40") which is slightly wider than credit card width.

The spring is 8mm (.312") diameter with a slightly below flush mount.

The gripper was RGC calibrated after 20 reps seasoning and oiling. I will not disclose the
rating at this time due to a possible certification process I'm working on for TNS/NS closes.

I've included some pictures here for your enjoyment!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and may 2012 bring you NEW PR's and progress in
your training!!!

Mighty Joe