Thursday, November 25, 2010

New 2 Hand Pinch World Record

I'm extremely happy to announce along with the video of my
good friend and training inspiration, Jedd Johnson's 2 Hand PinchWorld Record.
Huge congrats to an Elite Grip Athlete!

Jedd had previously broke the world record months prior and
after the final leg of the World's Strongest Hands Series he
broke it again. It's only fair to mention that David Horne and
Big Loz broke Jedd's previous record on the same day but in the end
Jedd beat them all with this NEW World Record.

There's not many people that have done as much for the sport of Grip
as Jedd Johnson has. This guy LIVES for Grip!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gripper Collection Picture UPDATE!!!

This weekend I re-arranged my "Grip Corner" to include ALL my current grippers
and a signed picture Richard Sorin gave me in June of 1991 of him closing the
Iron Mind #3 gripper.

Also included is a new Captains of Crush #3 gripper signed by Richard Sorin
that is still in the package. I will probably never open this package and keep it
as is for my collection.

A BIG THANK YOU to Richard Sorin for the picture and the signed #3 gripper.

The two grippers above Richard's picture are a FBBC Super and FBBC Hard.
There was only a limited number of these two grippers made. Sure to be a future
collectors item.

On the table top is 3 of my FP Grippers for increasing finger pressure for arm wrestling or card tearing. Also on the table is a Telegraph Key made for strengthening your thumbs made by Warren Tetting. Notice the handles are reversed from the way Iron Mind makes them. You can close the handles all the way together this way (more ROM).
On the door hanging from #12, yellow jack chain is my custom made Shorty" Grippers from Beginner to Grand Elite made by Warren Tetting. Also hanging from the door is a set of 5/8" diameter handle grippers from Beginner to Grand Elite. Lastly hanging from the door is eleven RB Grippers from RB 70 to RB 365. The RB 400 is hanging on the red board, top left corner. The only grippers missing at this point is my set of 6 Heavy Grips which are out on loan.
NOTE: The "Shorty" Grippers are standard diameter handles that are 3-1/4" long instead of 3-3/4" making them harder because of less leverage. Neat little grippers that are TOUGH!
Hope you enjoy viewing my collection. Any comments are appreciated!

More updates as I purchase more grippers or add/change to my "Grip Corner".

Stay informed and stay Strong!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why Testimonials Are Unreliable Evidence

Here's a great article on the reasons why one should be cautious with
"testimonial evidence."

Some of this sound familiar? Go to any strength forum, especially grip related and you'll find individuals who have been involved in grip work for several months and "Presto"! They are
all the sudden experts in the field.

Lastly, before dumping your hard earned money into someone's instructional e-book, verify if there's any evidence to support what they are selling besides testimonies from others. Look for some science behind their proposed training concept(s). Find out if their ideas go against known physiological facts, biology, physics, body mechanics, etc. Do some basic research before buying.

Nothing wrong with listening to others viewpoints but ask questions to yourself and the one selling the product.


Stay informed and stay Strong!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mash Monster Replica Display

This weekend I spent all day Saturday working on my new Mash Monster Display

to showcase my MM Replica Grippers. These are custom made grippers to specifications

as outlined by Bill Piche, owner of the Gripboard @ for certification as a Mash Monster Elite. There is 7 grippers of which you can certify with. Currently no one has closed the MM7. To give you an idea of the difficulty of these grippers, the MM1 is harder than a Captains of Crush #3 gripper.

I used with permission from Bill the Mash Monster logo for the center of the display.

This has got to be the most awesome gripper logo out there. If there's a better one, I would LOVE to see it. A BIG THANKS to Bill Piche for allowing me to use his MM logo.

If you're interested in purchasing one of these replica grippers, contact Warren Tetting

@ 651-222-1889.

If you think you have what it takes to close one of the Mash Monsters go over to the and join the largest grip community forum in the world and get the details for your certification.

Stay tuned and stay STRONG!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

NEW! Terminator Handle 3D

Pictured to the right is the NEW Terminator Handle 3D by inventor and mechanical genius John Cole.

In my opinion, John makes the absolute best arm wrestling equipment and machines available to arm wrestlers from beginners to elite professionals. You can visit his website at to view his videos where he demonstrates how his products work.

Stay tuned here for a YouTube video I'm going to post on his NEW Terminator Handle 3D
for arm wrestling training.

John is a great guy and his prices are very reasonable considering what you get.

Check him out and check back within the next few weeks for my video.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ronnie Coleman Classic 2010

Went this morning to the Ronnie Coleman Classic in Mesquite Texas and helped my grip buddies, Paul Knight and Eric Milfeld run the Grip Strength Challenge.
Pictured from left to right: Eric Milfeld, myself, Paul Knight.

This was a series of 7 events to test ones grip strength. It was open to anyone who wanted to take the challenge.

The events were:

1) Lift Thomas Inch DB Replica. This is a 172 lb. globe dumbbell with a 2-3/8"

diameter handle.

2) Lift with one hand a 50 lb. Blob. This was the end of a 100 lb. York DB.

3) 2" V-Bar lift of 225 lbs.

4) 2 Hand Euro Pinch loaded to 200 lbs. This was the only event where you

was allowed to use 2 hands.

5) Lift 45 lb. plate by the center hub with an additional 10 lbs. added, total

weight was 55 lbs.

6) Close the Iron Mind #3.5 with a parallel set.

7) Bend a horseshoe bare-handed without wraps.

I got there at 10:00 am and left at 5:00 pm. Many people tried the events

and the whole thing was a huge success. Paul and Eric stayed for the night

time crowd.

Several guys did some amazing lifts that did not train grip specifically.

One man named Ross Love walked over to the Inch DB and grabbed it

with his right hand and lifted it straight up as if was nothing. I've never seen

anyone lift the Inch DB that fast and that easy. Incredible!!! Ross was a strongman

competitor and weighed 325 lbs. He said he had lifted it on 3 other occasions.

One other man ( Mark Neutch) lifted it to full dead lift position the first

time he tried. As a matter of fact, the guy had never seen one in his life.

Mark said he cut firewood for a living and arm wrestled a lot. He said

he weighed 230 lbs. His hands were very thick and his thumbs looked like

the end of a hammer handle.

Had a great time and look forward to next years event.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

David Horne's Vulcan & Thumb Screw

In 2008 David Horne came out with the Vulcan, (pictured on the right) and in 2009 he came out with an ttachment called a Thumb Screw (pictured on the left) that attaches to the ends of the Vulcan handles which converts the Vulcan into a pinch grip device for various exercises.

I can't say enough GOOD about these 2 pieces of equipment. I believe the Vulcan along with the Thumb Screw (sold seperately) is the most versatile Grip Tool on the market today. Also sold seperately is 2 different springs to use with the Thumb Screw. The orange spring is 40% weaker than the red/black spring that comes with the Vulcan and a white spring that is 60% weaker. To make it even more adjustable you can use rubber bands instead of the spring(s).

You can order your Vulcan and Thumb Screw from David Horne's website,

Hope you enjoyed this review and I know you'll enjoy the Vulcan/Thumb Screw.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

O'Keeffe's Working Hands = GREAT STUFF!!!

I FINALLY found a hand creme that absolutely works virtually
over night.

O'Keeffe's is specifically designed for individuals that work
their hands really hard. It is chemically different than any other
hand-care product. The concentrated formula stimulates the skin's
natural repair process by hydrating skin, adjusting pH balance and
retaining moisture.

Easy to use. You apply it to your hands right before bedtime.
It causes your skin temperature to rise during sleep, resulting in
increased circulation and healing.

I've been currently doing a hand gripper program called Radical Reps Baseline Training (RRBT) from Bill Piche of the Grip Board and this program is very taxing on the hands due to the high volume of training. The first night I used O'Keeffe's I
knew the next day that this stuff works. My hands felt new again. Totally refreshed!

If you're hard on your hands because of your training or maybe your job, I don't think you can go wrong with this product. I found it at Lowes Hardware. I've not
seen it anywhere else.

Try it you'll LOVE it!!!

Stay tuned and stay STRONG!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may
ALL your strength goals come to fruition.

Train HARD and train SMART! You will go far.

Set goals and be consistent in your training. The rewards will be

Stay tuned and stay STRONG!!!