Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mighty Joe's Super Grip Machine!!!

On December 29, 2008 I got my custom made stainless steel Grip Machine
made by Ryan Pitts at
Click on the image for a detailed view.

I can't even begin to explain how excited I am about getting this

serious grip training tool. There's so many things I can now do

to train my overall grip.

I can do regular gripper weight squeezes. Regular overhand grip,

single hand negatives. I can work 2 fingers at a time. I can do thumb

work with the flat handles. Finger pressure training is easy with these

flat handles. Pinch grip training and more.

This machine is smooth and doesn't clang around as your operate it

through its motions.

The frame that moves up and down as you squeeze weighs 21.2 lbs.

I add this amount to whatever weight I have on at the time to keep

up with what actual weight I'm squeezing.

I just can't say enough good about my new Machine.

What a way to start off my New Year!

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday, 12-26-08 Forearms

I've been sick for the last few days so my workouts have been off.

Tonight I did a little forearm work to see how I felt.

MARV Handle - Pronations, 5 sets x 25

Standing Barbell Curls - 5 sets x 25

Forearm Blaster - 5 sets x 25

Finger Extensions in rice - 1 set x 75

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy holiday season
and may all your strength goals for 2009 come to fruition.

Yours in Strength,

Mighty Joe Musselwhite

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Changed Workout Up

5' Olympic Barbell Curls - 5 sets x 10-12, very strict

Standing Reverse Curls - 3 sets x 10

Flat Handle Rowing - 5 sets x 10

Wrist Roller - 3 sets, 15 lbs 10 feet up

Pinch Block Curls - 2 sets x 10

Standing Wrist Curls - 5 sets x 20

MS Handgripper - 10 sets x 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Finger Extensions in rice - 2 sets x 50

Note: I change up my workout ever 6 - 10 weeks because of the
"muscle confusion principle" which basically says that change from
the same routine stimulates new muscle growth and strength.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Arm Wrestling Practice, 12-14-08

Arm Wrestling Practice

Had another great sesssion of pulling with Jake Culver.

My hook is getting stronger, slowly but surely. My set-up and
toproll are stronger than ever. On all straight up matches I won very

My back pressure has increased Big Time! My hand strength on
the table is off the charts right now. Jake said my fingers feel like
steel rebar.

Going to take two weeks off from pulling to let everything heal and
to get some strength building workouts in.

Former World Champion, Tim Collins was supposed to show but didn't
make it. Maybe next time. I'm hoping I can take Tim on the set-up and
the GO.

Got to rest a few days and then back to my workouts and hopefully a little
closer to my goals.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Al Turner, 1929 - 1998

Here's a picture of Al Tuner along with a letter and the original envelope

that he sent me in October of 1983. This picture is really special to me

because it's a picture of Al's very first tournament.

Can you guess who he's pulling? Send me an e-mail if you know who it is.

If no one guesses in a week or so, I'll reveal who it is.

Al Turner was considered the God Father of armwrestling and has always

been my hero of the sport. He competed late into his life and went undefeated

for quite some time. He was a many time National and World champion.

Al retired after losing to Bobby Hopkins. Al told me that pulling Bobby was

like being hit by a freight train.

Al Turner was known for his incredible hand strength and doing huge amounts

of weight in the table top DB curl.

Al died in 1998 from a bout with cancer.

Hope you enjoy this short article and picture of my all-time hero Al Turner.
Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Workout, 12-11-08 Thursday

Seated DB Concentration curls - 3 x 10, 40 lbs.

Tabletop Curls - 3 x 8-10, 40 lbs. 50 lbs. 60 lbs.

Wrist exercises with new MARV Handle - 5 x 15

Fat Bar Standing Wrist Curls - 5 x 25

Reverse Wrist Curls w/ Forearm Blaster - 5 x 25

MS Handgripper - 1 x 5, hard setting

Finger Extensions - 1 x 50

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

12-04-08, Pulling Practice

Me and Jake Culver pulled for 45 minutes Thursday night.

Had a great session!!!

I won most of the RH matches and Jake won all the LH matches
except one.

My Toproll felt unstoppable! My Hook is getting better. I've got to strengthen
my wrist from opening up in a Hook. Wrist to wrist Jake can't touch me at all,
so I know I have the pulling power in the Hook BUT my wrist is the weak link.
That's fixing to change for sure!

My finger strength is like STEEL on the setup. Working on faster starts.
When I get the hit. I can take most pullers I normally can't beat.

Time, patience and hard work will help me reach my goal:


Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!