Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dead Lift workout w/ thick bar

Got my new 2- 1/4" thick bar from Michael Strassburg today.

This bar is awesome and made to my specifications.

It's 5' long, 2-1/4" diameter shaft with square ends for olympic
plates and custom made collars.

Dead Lifts:

Set one: 120 lbs. 3 reps

Set two: 140 lbs. 3 reps

Set three: 140 lbs. 3 reps

Lever Side Bends:

One set: 20 lbs. 10 reps each side

1" V-Bar:

set one: 115 lbs.

set two: 145 lbs.

set three: 155 lbs.

set four: 165 lbs.

Card Tearing:

set one: 25 cards

set two: 30 cards

Thick bar works grip big time. Great for thumb strength!

1" V-Bar Notes Ben Edwards shared with me helped a lot!

Card tearing is getting easier by the workout.

Still resting from grippers.

Stay tuned and stay strong!