Saturday, May 24, 2008

Zerchers + Sledge Hammer = Endorphins

Today I did a workout that increases strength, endurance, and cardio.

I did Super Sets with Zerchers and #20 Sledge Hammer Swings


set 1- 5 reps, 86.8 lbs.

set 2- 4 reps, 106.6 lbs.

set 3- 3 reps, 115.6 lbs.

set 4- 2 reps, 136.0 lbs.

#20 Sledge Hammer Swings:

4 sets- 20 reps

Notes: I started with the sledge swings and in between
each set of Zerchers I did the sledge swings (Super Sets).

If you really want to work your cardio and get strong at
the same time, this is the workout to do. It's Awesome!!!

I noticed after I finished the workout I had a endorphin
high for several hours.

I also noticed that this workout loosened all my joints up
and got rid of some stiffness I've had for the last several

I'm probably going to be doing this workout several times
each week. I want to gradually increase the sets to around
10. I also would like to be able to get 5 reps on the Zerchers
with my body weight (205 lbs).

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!