Monday, June 30, 2008

Rest Day + Bending, 6-29-08, Sunday

Today was a rest day, well not totally.

After reading and viewing all the new PR's
going on at the Grip Board, I had to do some

DO Bending:

4 - 60D shiny's in under 5 minutes.

Never stopped to redo wraps. Heads
were cut off for quick reloads into my wraps.

Felt great after a 2 week lay-off from bending
to heal up.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shoulders & Biceps

Standing Barbell Press:

set 1- 5 reps, 66 lbs.

set 2- 5 reps, 75.2 lbs.

set 3- 5 reps, 84.2 lbs.

set 4- 5 reps, 95 lbs.

set 5- 5 reps, 99.6 lbs.

Single Arm Bent Press:

set 1- 5 reps, 53 lbs.

set 2- 5 reps, 60 lbs.

set 3- 5 reps, 70 lbs.

set 4- 5 reps, 75 lbs. 3 reps-LH

set 5- 5 reps, 75 lbs. 2 reps=LH

Barbell Curls:

set 1- 5 reps, 66 lbs.

set 2- 5 reps, 75.2 lbs.

set 3- 5 reps, 84.2 lbs.

set 4- 5 reps, 90 lbs.

set 5- 5 reps, 90 lbs.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Zerchers & Dead Lifts


#8 Sledge- 50 swings


set 1- 66 lbs. - 5 reps

set 2- 105.2 lbs. - 5 reps

set 3- 125 lbs. - 3 reps

Neck Lifts w/ IM Harness:

set 1- 20 lbs, - 8 reps

set 2- 45 lbs. - 5 reps

set 3- 45 lbs. - 5 reps

Dead Lifts:

set 1- 105.2 lbs. - 5 reps

set 2- 175.2 lbs. - 5 reps

set 3- 241.2 lbs. - 3 reps

Notes: All lifts done with "FatBar" 2-1/4" diameter.
Drank 16.9 ounces of water during workout.
Rested 3 minutes between sets.
Outside temperature=100 degrees

Started my first cycle of Tribex from BioTest.

Drank 1 serving of Power Drive, also from BioTest
1 hour before I started my workout.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Biceps & Wrist, 6-21-08

Fat Bar Barbell Curls:

4 sets- 5 reps

set 1- 66 lbs.

set 2- 70.6 lbs.

set 3- 75.2 lbs.

set 4- 79.8 lbs.

Scrolling Steel:

This was my very first try at scrolling.

This will work your grip and upper body

to the max.

5/16" x 3' long

see picture to right

Heavy Handle DB Curls:

4 sets- 8 reps each arm

Leverage Club:

Front Levering- 2 sets, 8 reps

Rear Levering- 2 sets, 8 reps

Leverage Club was 15.6 lbs. with 18" long handle.

Shaft dia. = 1-5/8" Made by Ryan Pitts

TENS Therapy:

30 minutes targeted at various places on both arms.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Low Rep Training for Strength


#8 Sledge Swings-70 Reps.

Floor Bench Press:

3 sets- 5 reps, 136 lbs.

My bench press is lousy at the moment. It's
something I never do until now.

DB Side Press:

3 sets- 5 reps, 57 lbs. 67 lbs. 57 lbs.


1 set- 3 reps, 136 lbs.

Steel Suitcases, 173 lbs. each hand:

1 set for timed hold= 12 seconds

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Barbell Curls & Side Press, 6-15-08


#8 Sledge Swings- 50 reps

Barbell Curls:

4 sets- 5 reps

Note: All sets done with Fat Bar.
Wide grip, squeezed bar very hard on each rep.
Retsed 3 minutes between each set.

Side Presses w/ 2" Handle DB:

4 sets, 3-5 reps each arm
Heaviest set right arm= 70 lbs.

Heaviest set left arm= 55 lbs.

Notes: I've noticed due to the 3 minutes rest between sets,
I'm just as strong on the last set as the first set. Also, after my workout I
feel fresh and ready to go, not fatiqued. The Russians may be on to something here.

UPDATE: 1" V-Bar *PR*- 202.2 lbs. Right & Left Hand

attempt #1- 151.4, R&L

attempt #2- 169.4, R&L

attempt #3- 191.4, R&L

attempt #4- 202.2, R&L

10 minutes later, bent a Grade 5 bolt, 6" x 1/4" to 105 degrees

in 5 minutes. Destroyed 60D shiny in under 1 minute.

What a way to end your evening!

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Russian Training Techniques

I'm currently expermenting with a strength training system used by
Russian strength athletes, particularly weight lifters to gain enormous
strength in the overall body.

Low reps with heavy weight is emphasized and 3-5 minutes rest in
between each set is encouraged.

I'll give a link in a future post for all the details of how and why this
system works and it's all backed by science. I'm trying this workout
for 3 months and record my progress.


2 sets- 3 reps, 241.2 lbs.

1 set- 1 rep, 250.4 lbs.

Note: Rested 3 minutes in between each set.

Single arm side press:

3 sets- 3 reps, 45.8 lbs.

Note: Could have done a heavier weight but was trying to
perfect the correct technique.

Barbell Curls:

3 sets- 3 reps, 70 lbs.

Notes: Several hours later I did some grip work with
various exercises. I really like this new system and I
like the logic and science behind it all.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day of Bending & PR's 6-8-08

Today I decided to make bending the majority of my workout

since it involves many if not all of the upper body muscles and


Along the way I got 3 PR's to boot. WOOHOO!!!

The picture is of some of my trophies I've accomplished

since I started bending on March 15, 2008. The center

piece is my best braced bend of 24" x 1/2" HRS. The

Silver Medal hanging underneath it is my medal for

the 1991 Stand-Up Nationals Arm Wrestling Championships.

DO Bending:

1st bend- 316 Stainless, 7" x 1/4"

My first try at stainless. The kink was pretty easy,

but the crushdown was hard, but not as hard as a

grade 5 bolt of the same dimensions.

2nd bend- 316 stainless, 6" x 1/4" *PR*

3rd bend- 60D shiny without head- 5-3/4" length *PR*

4th bend- 5-1/2" x 1/4" G2 bolt, This started as a reverse bend,

but I couldn't get it going so I bent it DO also.

5th bend- IM Blue with IronMind pads only, *PR*

I'm extremely happy with this bend because I've developed

my pain tolerance to a level that I can ignore and complete the bend.

6th bend- Finished off a crushdown on a 5" IM Blue. I've tried for several

weeks to get it to 2" or under and today it happened.

2" Handle Single Arm DB Presses:

set 1- 50 lbs. 8 reps each arm

set 2- 45 lbs. 10 reps each arm

Fat Bar Military Presses:

1 set- 10 reps, 75 lbs.

Contrast Baths:

5 hot and 5 cold

Dexterity Balls:

20 minutes

Notes: Very happy with my DO bending today. I just

didn't have the strength for the reverse bending today

for some reason. I'll wait a week or two and try it again.

I've noticed it takes me longer to recover from reverse

bending than DO bending.

Working on some mental techniques to increase pain tolerance.

If I have good results I'll post the techniques I'm expermenting with.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Light Workout, 6-5-08

RP Trainer:

10 sets, 1-3 reps
#8 setting out of 12, pretty tough

Tricep Presses Behind Back:

5 sets, 8-10 reps
All sets done with LifeLine Chest Expander
2 maroon & 1 pink cable

Seated DB Concentration Curls:

3 sets, 8-10 reps, 40 lbs.
All sets done on 2" DB handle

Notes: Didn't do much today. Still resting from
Tuesdays workout.

Got some new steel coming tomorrow from
OnlineMetals. I'll do some bending tomorrow
with some 1/4" stainless and some 1/4" stressproof
cold drawn steel. Should be the perfect inbetween before
5/16" steel.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Name Change? Explanation

To those of you who have been following my training journal may
wonder why the name change.

The reason is twofold:

1) Visegrip just didn't seem fitting simply because it could imply
one aspect of strength (grip only). Not the case. I'm interested
and determined to become a very strong human being, both
physically and mentally. Mighty Joe seems more appropiate
and includes my name, Joe.

2) The word Mighty means different things to different people.
Most people relate the word to physical strength only. I believe
to be mighty you must possess both.

If this has caused any confusion in following my progress and goals,
you have my apology in advance. Thanks for reading and hopefully
following along on my journey.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Mighty Joe

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Zerchers, Sledge & Heat

Sledge Hammer Swings:

set 1- #8 sledge, 50 reps

set 2- #20 sledge, 20 reps

set 3- #8 sledge, 40 reps

set 4- #20 sledge, 20 reps

set 5- #8 sledge, 30 reps

#8 Sledge Single Arm Swings:

2 sets, 10 reps each arm


set 1- 5 reps, 86.8 lbs.

set 2- 3 reps, 136 lbs.

set 3- 3 reps, 155.8 lbs

set 4- 1 rep, 165 lbs.

Steel Suitcases-Partial Deadlifts

set 1- 3 reps, 173 lbs. each hand

set 2- 2 reps, same weight

set 3- 2 reps, same weight

set 4- 1 rep w/ 3 fingers each hand, IMR fingers

Suitcase Deadlifts w/ Fat Bar:

set 1- 1 rep, 86.8 lbs, R&L hand

set 2- 3 reps, 75.2 lbs, R&L hand

set 3- 2 reps, 75.2 lbs, R&L hand

Notes: I worked out in my carport outside in 98 degree heat.
There was a good breeze but the heat was relentless. I like working
out in the heat like this so I can sweat out toxins.

I drank water every 4 minutes with 1000 mg Vitamin C powder
added to it. Nice pick me up as I work out.

Plan on resting next 2 days as this workout is hard on the CNS.
I don't plan on doing single finger lifts anymore as they're just too
dangerous and like David Horne told me, there's no carry over
with them in gaining overall strength. Thanks for the words of
wisdom Mr. Horne.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Single Finger Lifting-Ouch!

Single Finger Lifts:

Warm-up, 5 reps each hand- 58 lbs.

set 1- single each hand- 82.6 lbs.

set 2- single each hand- 87.4 lbs.

note: Only the middle finger of each hand was used.
Must build pain tolerance for this lift as it's painful and
can cause injury if not cautious of weight increases.

Fat Bar Dead Lift Test:

1 attempt to see where I'm at: 190.8 lbs.
Under 10 pounds of my short term goal for
this lift. Bar diameter= 2-1/4"

Ring Lift-All fingers:

set 1- single, 84 lbs.

set 2- single, 123 lbs.

set 3- single, 188 lbs.

Rolling Thunder;

2 sets- singles, 109 lbs.

Leverage Wrist Curls:

3 sets- 8 reps, 14 lbs.

1" V-bar:

set 1- 168 lbs. R&L

set 2- 180 lbs. R&L

Notes: Did a variety of lifts for muscle confusion to
possibly stimulate new growth and strength. Didn't do
a lot of any single lift/exercise.

First day of training for single finger lifts. I've got to be
very cautious and take my time on getting stronger at
this lift. My short term goal is getting over 100 lbs.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!