Friday, May 23, 2008

5-23-08, Workout


G5 bolt 6" x 1/4" without heads pre-kinked to 2-1/4"

5 hits got it to under 2"

Note: Thanks to Ben Edwards for this training
suggestion to help my crushdown strength. It
works Ben!

Fat Bar Wrist Curls:

set 1- 10 reps, 66 lbs.

set 2- 10 reps, 75.2 lbs.

set 3- 10 reps, 86.8 lbs.

RP Trainer:

6 sets of singles, R&P fingers

6 sets of singles, I&M fingers

MS Gripper:

10 singles each hand

Card Tearing:

30 cards

Contrast Baths:

6 hot & 6 cold, ended with cold. Really helps soreness.

Notes: Felt pretty good today. The pad on my right hand
is tender from bending. The pad under the pinky finger at
the bottom part of hand.

Right forearm is getting better, but not 100% yet.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!