Sunday, December 8, 2013

Block Trainer Interest?

I am currently working on a possible deal with Richard Sorin of Sorinex to make 25 of the Sorinex Block Trainer that I reviewed in a recent blog post here on my blog and my Facebook page.

If you are seriously interested in buying one when and if this deal goes through please e-mail me your name and shipping information to:

These Block Trainers will have identical measurements as the one I reviewed with the exception of the loading ends. The loading ends will have 2" loading ends for olympic plates. ALL the units will come sandblasted ONLY. You can always paint your own the color you'd like if you so desire but the sandblasted finish is really ideal for a great gripping surface. Closely resembles the texture of a Blob50.

I will announce the verdict and the price as soon as the details are worked out with Sorinex! These will only be available through myself. Sorinex will NOT be offering these through their website.

Look forward to hearing from you and THANKS for your interest!

Stay STRONG and train wisely!