Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Python Grip = High Quality Grippers

I just recently learned of a guy in Israel by the name of Yuri Gechelin
who is now making and selling custom torsion spring hand grippers.

His website can be found here: www.pythongrip.com

Several things sets PythonGrip apart from the rest which include:

(1) All of Yuri's grippers are RGC calibrated.

(2) He offers both left and right wound springs.

Gripper resistance can be specified for your order.

(4) Custom engraving offered on your gripper.

(5) Python Grip is engraved on one handle. This is standard on every gripper.

(6) Offers both knurled and smooth handles and different colors as well.

(7) Springs can be ordered in standard silver or black. Springs are treated with zinc
to prevent rusting.

Yuri sent me one of his grippers with a left hand wound spring with black aluminum
handles pictured to the right. The gripper calibrated at 95.7 lbs.

The gripper is very attractive, well built, and feels GREAT in the hand.

Yuri has made grippers for MONSTERS such as Sergey Daragan, Gabriel Sum, and Alxey Pritula.

Be sure and visit Yuri's website and see what he has to offer. Super friendly and knowledgeable as well. Center picture is the Python gripper beside a Captains of Crush gripper