Sunday, November 27, 2011

Neural Training For Grip, Pt. 1

Some finer details I missed or failed to mention in my video are listed below:

1) Although I was focused primarily on motor neurons which transmit impulses away from the brain and spinal cord (CNS) there's 2 other classes of neurons I didn't expound upon and those are sensory neurons and interneurons, Sensory neurons transmit impulses to the spinal cord and brain from all parts of the body. Interneurons
are connecting neurons that conduct impulses from sensory neurons to motor neurons.

2) The nervous system that leaves the CNS and branches out to the remaining nervous system is the peripheral nervous system (PNS).

3) Motor neurons fire and cause muscle contractions. Muscle fibers themselves don't fire as some falsely believe.

4) Main point of the video explanation is how the CNS through rate coding can increase force output to the hands from performing explosive movements which I termed as ballistic type movements. Rate coding is where the frequency at which the motor neurons fire is increased and the summation of this increased frequency causes more force output.

5) My next video in the series will cover another method of ballistic training with a grip machine.

Stay Tuned!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Several months ago I received several grippers from Yuri @ Python Grip out of Israel.

Before getting into the specifics of the grippers I would like to apologize to my good friend Yuri
for the delay in this posting of some OUTSTANDING torsion spring hand grippers with custom engraving.

Notice in the picture of the 2 grippers side by side that the gripper on the left has a left hand wound spring while the gripper on the right has a right hand wound spring. Also, the one on the right was custom made to my specifications with black, knurled handles, silver spring, RGC calibrated @ 140, custom engraving of "Mighty Joe" on one of the handles. Not to mention the grippers are pre-seasoned and oiled before calibration is done. This is what makes Python Grippers a stand out in the gripper market because of the detailed customization you can get with your purchase or you can simply choose to get a gripper with RGC and no custom engraving. Either way Yuri will make it perfect just for your needs and desires. I might also mention the knurling on these grippers is near perfect as one can get. It's a finer knurling yet aggressive enough to prevent the gripper from moving with your set.

This is my second posting about Python Grip because I'm so impressed with his products, especially the hand grippers but I also wanted to show what his custom engraving looks like. Yuri also carries arm wrestling tools, bending tools and other grip related products at a very fair price even coming all the way from Israel.

Click on the pictures for larger viewing!!!

You can visit Python Grip @ and tell Yuri Mighty Joe sent you.

You will not be disappointed in what Yuri has to offer at Python Grip!!!

May your mind and body work together in perfect balance!!!