Sunday, June 15, 2008

Barbell Curls & Side Press, 6-15-08


#8 Sledge Swings- 50 reps

Barbell Curls:

4 sets- 5 reps

Note: All sets done with Fat Bar.
Wide grip, squeezed bar very hard on each rep.
Retsed 3 minutes between each set.

Side Presses w/ 2" Handle DB:

4 sets, 3-5 reps each arm
Heaviest set right arm= 70 lbs.

Heaviest set left arm= 55 lbs.

Notes: I've noticed due to the 3 minutes rest between sets,
I'm just as strong on the last set as the first set. Also, after my workout I
feel fresh and ready to go, not fatiqued. The Russians may be on to something here.

UPDATE: 1" V-Bar *PR*- 202.2 lbs. Right & Left Hand

attempt #1- 151.4, R&L

attempt #2- 169.4, R&L

attempt #3- 191.4, R&L

attempt #4- 202.2, R&L

10 minutes later, bent a Grade 5 bolt, 6" x 1/4" to 105 degrees

in 5 minutes. Destroyed 60D shiny in under 1 minute.

What a way to end your evening!

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!