Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day of Bending & PR's 6-8-08

Today I decided to make bending the majority of my workout

since it involves many if not all of the upper body muscles and


Along the way I got 3 PR's to boot. WOOHOO!!!

The picture is of some of my trophies I've accomplished

since I started bending on March 15, 2008. The center

piece is my best braced bend of 24" x 1/2" HRS. The

Silver Medal hanging underneath it is my medal for

the 1991 Stand-Up Nationals Arm Wrestling Championships.

DO Bending:

1st bend- 316 Stainless, 7" x 1/4"

My first try at stainless. The kink was pretty easy,

but the crushdown was hard, but not as hard as a

grade 5 bolt of the same dimensions.

2nd bend- 316 stainless, 6" x 1/4" *PR*

3rd bend- 60D shiny without head- 5-3/4" length *PR*

4th bend- 5-1/2" x 1/4" G2 bolt, This started as a reverse bend,

but I couldn't get it going so I bent it DO also.

5th bend- IM Blue with IronMind pads only, *PR*

I'm extremely happy with this bend because I've developed

my pain tolerance to a level that I can ignore and complete the bend.

6th bend- Finished off a crushdown on a 5" IM Blue. I've tried for several

weeks to get it to 2" or under and today it happened.

2" Handle Single Arm DB Presses:

set 1- 50 lbs. 8 reps each arm

set 2- 45 lbs. 10 reps each arm

Fat Bar Military Presses:

1 set- 10 reps, 75 lbs.

Contrast Baths:

5 hot and 5 cold

Dexterity Balls:

20 minutes

Notes: Very happy with my DO bending today. I just

didn't have the strength for the reverse bending today

for some reason. I'll wait a week or two and try it again.

I've noticed it takes me longer to recover from reverse

bending than DO bending.

Working on some mental techniques to increase pain tolerance.

If I have good results I'll post the techniques I'm expermenting with.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!