Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Russian Training Techniques

I'm currently expermenting with a strength training system used by
Russian strength athletes, particularly weight lifters to gain enormous
strength in the overall body.

Low reps with heavy weight is emphasized and 3-5 minutes rest in
between each set is encouraged.

I'll give a link in a future post for all the details of how and why this
system works and it's all backed by science. I'm trying this workout
for 3 months and record my progress.


2 sets- 3 reps, 241.2 lbs.

1 set- 1 rep, 250.4 lbs.

Note: Rested 3 minutes in between each set.

Single arm side press:

3 sets- 3 reps, 45.8 lbs.

Note: Could have done a heavier weight but was trying to
perfect the correct technique.

Barbell Curls:

3 sets- 3 reps, 70 lbs.

Notes: Several hours later I did some grip work with
various exercises. I really like this new system and I
like the logic and science behind it all.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!