Thursday, January 15, 2009

Road To The CoC #3 - Gripper Routine

This is the first day of my new Gripper Workout Routine to
eventually shut the IrondMind Captain of Crush #3 Gripper.

I'm doing this routine twice a week right now for 1 month. Routine
will change as Paul instructs me to do so.

This is all from the help of an incredible Grip Athlete named
Paul Knight. He's keeping track of my progress and makes changes
as he sees fit.

Warm-Up - Zercher Squats - 2 sets x 10

Note: This got my CNS (central nervous system) firing and just
started to break a sweat.

Day 1 - "Set Day"

Set to parallel and hold 5 seconds Warren Tetting He-Man Gripper,
5 sets

Forced Closes - He-Man Gripper - 5 sets
Note: The routine calls for 10 closes but this became nearly impossible
due to fatique. I'll try to reach 10 next time. This gripper has smooth handles
which makes the sets even tougher. I like this!

Finished workout with choked #3 attempts at parallel, no wider.

5 attempts both right and left.

1st = RH, 1/8", LH, 1/4"
2nd = RH, 1/8", LH, 1/4"
3rd = RH, 1/4", LH, 1/2"
4th = same as 3rd
5th = same as 3rd

Topped off the workout with Finger Extensions with rubber bands
and extensions in bucket of rice.

Next Gripper Day = Sunday

A HUGE THANK YOU to my friend Paul Knight for his guidance and
help with one of my long time goals. THANKS Paul!!!

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!