Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ugly Rubber = Hand Strength

Early this past month Grand Master Strongman, Dennis Rogers started offering a NEW product called
Ugly Rubberhttp://www.dennisrogers.net/ugly-rubber/ This is a special piece of rubber cut to the same
dimensions as a standard deck of cards and is designed to condition and strengthen ones hands for tearing
decks of cards and if you can't currently tear a whole deck of cards he offers some valuable information
and training tips in a FREE video that comes with each Ugly Rubber purchase. But wait! It get's better with
this Ugly training tool! I've been consistently using mine now for over a month and not only have I conditioned and toughened up both of my hands they have gotten stronger as well! The best news is that
the unique strength you can develop in your hands and fingers carries over nicely to nearly every aspect of
ones other grip training!

When I started using my Ugly Rubber one thing I noticed the very next day was the different type of soreness I developed in my hands and fingers. My hands were sore where they have never been sore before and I've been training various aspects of grip for the last 25 years either for myself or sharing and teaching others how to strengthen their grip. My hands not only toughened up quite a bit but they seemed to have slightly thickened as well. I'm assuming to the unusual and unique type of conditioning this piece of rubber does to your hands. Both my gripper training and my pinch type training with block weights and blobs both increased after a month of using the Ugly Rubber. As a bonus I saved money because I wasn't having to buy decks of cards to practice with. With a little imagination one can use the Ugly Rubber for various ways to train your fingers and thumbs as well.

The Ugly Rubber is offered for sale in 2 versions. The Standard version and the Titan version. The difference being is that the Titan version is a much more dense rubber than the standard version and offers much more resistance. Right when it gives a little the motion stops! The Titan version is great for isometric training once you have gained a good solid base of hand conditioning with the Standard version. It's simply a no-brainer to buy both versions because it's only a matter of time before you'll need the Titan version anyway and you save a few dollars when buying both together! Both versions come packaged in a small burlap bag with draw strings to keep it stored away when not in use. Each unit comes with detailed instructions for use and how to tear a deck of cards. The Titan version has a red capital T on the front of the bag pictured below.

Tearing cards has long been a favorite feat of hand strength for the last 100 years and still to this day tearing a full deck of cards right out of the package has to be one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment there is in the Grip world! One thing for certain is there is nothing better for toughening up ones hands which in turn increases one's hand strength simply because it increases your pain tolerance which many times is the limiting factor that inhibits maximum force output with your hands!

Once again you can click here to order your version today: http://www.dennisrogers.net/ugly-rubber/

I would like to THANK you for your time and your visit!

Stay Strong and Train Smart!!!