Saturday, June 8, 2013

Blob50 Donation for the Grip Museum

Gordon Vizecky from Minneapolis, MN made a very significant donation to my Grip Museum last week
with a Blob50 signed and dated by Gordon to go on display for the preservation of grip tool history!

Below is some pics of this amazing donation from a true Gripster! Gordon is not just an arm chair grip guy either! Gordon is a Certified Captain of Crush on the COC #3 gripper and a long time member of the Grip Board!

The first 2 pics are photo credits from Gordon himself showing the Blob's after they came out of the foundry and the next pic is after he has applied 2 coats of paint. The next pics are ones I took from various angles so one can see and appreciate this BEAUTY of a Grip Tool! This Bob50 weighed in @ 50.65 lbs. on certified scales I use.

I would like to THANK Gordon V. for this very significant donation to my Grip Museum!!!

If you're interested in donating a gripper or grip tool to my museum for the preservation
of grip tool history please contact me by e-mail @

Thanks for your visit!!!

Enjoy the pics!!!