Sunday, June 9, 2013

Official Grip Museum for the Grip Board!

I'm pleased to announce that as of yesterday my Grip Museum was accepted as the Official Grip Museum
for the Grip Board!

This has been a vision of mine now for at least a year or more and Thanks to Bill Piche and the moderators
of the GB my vision has now become a reality!

The Grip Board has added a sub-forum titled "Grip History" and this is the forum where I made the announcement yesterday!

Stay tuned for more exciting events as my museum grows and donations come in from all over the world!!!

In the mean time check out the gripper below that will be the gripper that represents the Grip Board's contribution to the museum! This gripper was donated by Grip Board owner Bill Piche, (Wannagrip)and this gripper has an interesting story behind it and its importance in helping Bill get his COC #3 certification in 2001 and the net discussions of this very gripper when the Grip Board was in its infancy stages. This gripper was hand made by Warren Tetting in the late 90's when he stamped the handle ends with numbers instead of letters used currently to abbreviate the name (for example, a Master gripper is stamped with a capitol M on both handles which is the same as the #2 shown here).

Hope you enjoy the pics of the gripper and Bill in action in 1989 dead lifting 600 lbs. @ 193 lbs.

Thanks for your visit and come back often!!!