Sunday, October 6, 2013

Josh Strength Website

Wanted to introduce my readers to a website owned by an individual who is a true strength & conditioning specialist and a former power lifting champion and world record holder, Josh Bryant and his website can be found here: Be sure and sign up for his FREE newsletter! He consistently posts very informative information for strength athletes of all types!

Josh Bryant was the youngest (22 years of age) individual ever to bench press 600 lbs. RAW! Impressive is an understatement if you ask me! I just recently purchased his e-book titled, Bench Press: The Science! This is without a doubt the Bible on bench press science and training! Not only does it cover the science behind the bench press but the principles and strategies he describes and explains are cutting edge for anyone wanting to get better and progress at any form of strength attainment, specially the Bench Press!

Josh is retired now but currently trains some of the TOP names in power lifting and bodybuilding! Names such as Johnny O. Jackson, Big Al Davis, Jeremy Hoornstra, and Brandon Cass just to name a few! Google any of these names and you'll realize quickly his clients are all world class, elite athletes.

Go and check out his website! He has many, many training articles filled with FREE training tips, advice, etc.
You can check out his Blog as well and learn more about this incredible man with a huge passion for helping others be as STRONG as they can be!

In the meantime check out his book on the Bench Press here: You can also purchase the book on Amazon as well for a few dollars cheaper with the kindle version. I bought my copy for my Kindle from Amazon!

I would like to close this post with a video of Josh Bryant with his 2008 World Record Bench Press of 600 lbs. RAW posted on You Tube:

Thanks for watching!!!

Stay Strong and Train Smart!!!