Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rare & Unique Spring Gripper from Russia

Pictured below is a rare and unique spring gripper that was donated by Oksana from the Ukraine!
This gripper was made in the 80's from the Malyshev Plant where the famous T-34 military tank was made
in the Ukraine!

According to my good friend and Grip legend, David Horne there was several companies that made these
grippers. One was Avon and the other was Weider. I remember the one's Joe Weider produced and are now are considered a vintage gripper that is quite rare.

I feel very fortunate to have obtained this gripper from Oksana and if you want to see some really rare,
unique and spectacular antiques from afar please visit her website on and just type in Rarity from Afar to visit her store! Nearly all of her stuff is vintage items from Russia and many are really cool items rarely seen anymore!

I would like to THANK Oksana for this donation and this gripper will now have a permanent residence at my Grip Museum for others to see and to further preserve hand gripper history through my collection!

Thanks for your visit and come back soon!!!