Sunday, June 16, 2013

The First Retro Heman & Beast Grippers

Here's a few pics of 2 very significant grippers I purchased from Dennis Roger's Collection! My good friend and fellow arm wrestling competitor, Dennis Rogers contacted me a month ago and gave me a heads up that he was selling his vintage gripper collection and he wanted me to have first chance at his very first Retro Grippers made in March 2009 by Warren Tetting. The Retro Grippers were to be replicas of the original Iron Man grippers made in 1964 by Warren Tetting and offered for sale in Iron Man magazine of that same year. There was 2 different strength Retro grippers offered in 2009. The Heman and the Beast! ONLY 100 each of these were produced and each gripper was stamped with the number on one of the handle ends. Dennis kept the first ones made and stamped #1. These are the 2 grippers he sold me this month along with a very nice Certificate of Authenticity! I can't THANK Dennis enough for considering me first before going public with these rare, one of a kind grippers that are now very collectable and hard to obtain!

The last picture at the bottom is a copy of the original ad that Dennis Rogers ran on his website back in 2009!

Hope you ENJOY the pics!

Have a Grip Day!!!