Sunday, September 8, 2013

Frequent Deadlifting by Dave Dellanave

I wanted to take a minute to share a link with all my followers to a website created by
Dave Dellanave who is the owner of Movement Minneapolis in the twin cities! David
is a lifter, coach and writer for great websites like T-Nation and more!

Here's the link:

While you check it out I'll be preparing a future article sharing my current and past
experiences with a training concept called Gym Movement that uses biofeedback
to allow an athlete to let their own bodies determine what movement they should be doing
and not some guru, coach, personal trainer, etc. Not only that but by following a simple
protocol one can easily not only determine if a certain movement/exercise is the correct one
to perform at that time but one can also use the same protocols to determine the number of
sets, reps, intensity levels and MORE!

I recently purchased Dave's new e-book titled, "Off The Floor, Manual For Deadlift Domination"
and I must say that impressive is an understatement here! The first 20 pages alone is worth the price of the course and the best part is you get an introduction and very thorough understanding of how to perform
some simple tests that require no machines or electronic devices to determine what you can and should be doing at any given time. The only way I can explain the outcome is to ask you to try it for yourself! you
simply won't believe it!

MORE soon as I progress and become more knowledgeable of this seemingly impossible concept
that's taking the fitness world by storm!

Thanks for visiting and please check out Dave's website and blog!!!