Friday, July 12, 2013

Recent Additions to the Grip Museum!!!

Pictured are some of the most recent additions/donations to the Grip Museum!

Pictured below at the top is 3 pics of a Herbert Broom Spring Grip Dumbbell with the original box from
David Horne's Collection in England! This gripper is circa 1920! The gripper is in great condition and works well. The box is in bad condition but as a collector any piece counts when you have something this old and rare! HUGE Thank You to Mr. Horne for this amazing gift/donation!!!

The next 3 pics are a  Gold Star Beer Bottle Gripper I received yesterday from my godfather and Grip Legend, Richard Sorin!!! This gripper came from Israel and Richard told me it took weeks for it to arrive here in the United States! BIG Thanks to Mr. Sorin for this wonderful addition to the Grip Museum!!!

The last 2 pics are a pair of grippers I purchased several weeks ago and after reading David Horne's Grip Encyclopedia Vol. 5, these look similar to his Henry Cooper grippers which have plastic handles where these are wooden. So these grippers are marked as "unknown manufacturer" until I can further identify these very attractive grippers!

Hope you enjoy the pics and Thanks for visiting!!!

Visit often as I will update this blog with items donated to the museum along with other grip related
information and pics I discover or stumble upon!!!