Monday, December 15, 2008

Arm Wrestling Practice, 12-14-08

Arm Wrestling Practice

Had another great sesssion of pulling with Jake Culver.

My hook is getting stronger, slowly but surely. My set-up and
toproll are stronger than ever. On all straight up matches I won very

My back pressure has increased Big Time! My hand strength on
the table is off the charts right now. Jake said my fingers feel like
steel rebar.

Going to take two weeks off from pulling to let everything heal and
to get some strength building workouts in.

Former World Champion, Tim Collins was supposed to show but didn't
make it. Maybe next time. I'm hoping I can take Tim on the set-up and
the GO.

Got to rest a few days and then back to my workouts and hopefully a little
closer to my goals.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!