Sunday, December 14, 2008

Al Turner, 1929 - 1998

Here's a picture of Al Tuner along with a letter and the original envelope

that he sent me in October of 1983. This picture is really special to me

because it's a picture of Al's very first tournament.

Can you guess who he's pulling? Send me an e-mail if you know who it is.

If no one guesses in a week or so, I'll reveal who it is.

Al Turner was considered the God Father of armwrestling and has always

been my hero of the sport. He competed late into his life and went undefeated

for quite some time. He was a many time National and World champion.

Al retired after losing to Bobby Hopkins. Al told me that pulling Bobby was

like being hit by a freight train.

Al Turner was known for his incredible hand strength and doing huge amounts

of weight in the table top DB curl.

Al died in 1998 from a bout with cancer.

Hope you enjoy this short article and picture of my all-time hero Al Turner.
Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!