Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sorinex War Hammer = BEAST

I just recently purchased a Sorinex War Hammer from to include in my strength and conditioning training and this War Hammer fits the bill perfectly!!!

This is a BEAST of a Hammer!

The powder coating allows for a great gripping surface!

The biggest advantage to the War Hammer over conventional sledge hammers is the round globe doesn't
torque with your hits as often times with a conventional sledge. This gives one a peace of mind that they
won't tweak or injure their wrists when swinging the War Hammer!

The next advantage is it's loadable! One can use various media for fill material such as lead shot, steel media,
sand, etc.

Before one can complain about the price one must consider ALL the advantages and the fact that you'll never
need another Hammer. You can have numerous Hammers in one with its loadable feature!

This weekend I used the War Hammer on a half tractor tire and did some sled training as an added benefit to my
overall conditioning training! I have a video coming SOON that will have you wanting to go outside and train like a Mad Man! Guaranteed! Wait and see!

BEST Hammer I've ever owned to date and I don't see ever purchasing another Hammer in my lifetime!

Before closing the dimensions are 37" in length. Weighs 12 lbs. empty. The loadable globe is 8" in diameter
and the handle diameter tapers from 1.5" to 2". I've posted several pics for your viewing pleasure and 2 of the pics are for comparison purposes with conventional sledge hammer handle lengths and hammer heads. Pictured from left to right is a #12, #16, SWH, and a #20 sledge hammer.

Hope you enjoyed and benefited from this written review!!!

Thanks for taking a look at this AWESOME training tool!!!