Thursday, May 30, 2013

Iron Gripper Ratings vs. RGC

As I await a response from the CEO of GD Industries on some specific questions I had for my video
review I figured I could go ahead with the results of my RGC ratings compared to the factory ratings
indicated on the Iron Gripper.

Iron Gripper Factory Ratings

26 kg = 57.2 lbs.

38 kg. = 83.6 lbs.

51 kg. = 112.2 lbs.

65 kg. = 143 lbs.

80 kg. = 176 lbs.

RGC Ratings

19.8 kg. = 43.6 lbs.

31.4 kg. = 69.1 lbs.

44.5 kg. = 98 lbs.

58.1 kg. = 128 lbs.

74.8 kg. = 164.6 lbs.

From the above comparison you can see that there's a variation from 11 to 15 lbs difference from factory ratings to RGC ratings. It's also IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that the factory ratings are not wrong in any way! Their ratings are very precise and done with precision instruments. The difference is where they apply the force out on the end of the handle.

The reason for the comparisons here is to give you an idea of what the factory ratings are relative to RGC ratings on torsion spring grippers! Very useful in my estimation! Hope you can agree!

Note: All RGC ratings were done with a 1" wide strap placed out to the end of the handle were the knurling ends. I also had to position the Iron Gripper in the RGC device 180 degrees opposite of normal due to the large head of the Iron Gripper but it worked very nicely! Below is a picture of how I placed it in my RGC device.

It's also worth noting that I experimented with strap placement to see where its placement would duplicate factory ratings and at 1" from the handle ends I came up with nearly identical (within a few ounces) ratings as the factory ratings listed on the Iron Gripper. Please be aware that the HANDLES DO NOT TOUCH on the Iron Gripper which I'll address in my video review. When fully closed the handles have a .250" gap between the handles. Instead of thinking this to be a disadvantage why not ask yourself if this limited range of motion can still be useful? My answer? Absolutely! MORE later including all the other specs you're probably curious about which I will go over in my video review SOON!