Sunday, January 1, 2012

TNS Gripper from Python Grip = UNCLOSEABLE

One of my Christmas presents for 2011 was a Custom Made Gripper from PythonGrip
that was designed for No-Set or Table No-Set (TNS) closes.

The black aluminum handles are engraved with "Uncloseable" on one handle and Python Grip
on the other.

The handle spread is 61mm (2.40") which is slightly wider than credit card width.

The spring is 8mm (.312") diameter with a slightly below flush mount.

The gripper was RGC calibrated after 20 reps seasoning and oiling. I will not disclose the
rating at this time due to a possible certification process I'm working on for TNS/NS closes.

I've included some pictures here for your enjoyment!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and may 2012 bring you NEW PR's and progress in
your training!!!

Mighty Joe