Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gillingham High Performance Grippers


Wade Gillingham of Gripper Superstore has just released his own NEW line of
torsion spring hand grippers that look to set the new standard in quality and

Check out the list below of NEW features that came from the mind of a Grip Monster himself. Not to mention TONS of experience in the field of Grip Strength:

1) Variable knurl depth - aggressive on the palm side, less aggressive on the finger side.

2) Virtually indestructible dome label on the handle ends give GHP grippers a unique look and make gripper identification a snap whether open or closed!

3) SmartMark™ grooves on the handles indicate where to put the gripper in your palm and where to place your fingers. Move your fingers up the handle to make the gripper more challenging.

4) Radius edges give GHP grippers a streamlined look and don't beat up your pinky like the industry standard chamfered end.

5) High carbon content Oil Tempered springs are polished for appearance and lubricated with a high tech odorless, colorless synthetic lubricant.

Wade currently offers levels 1-9 with a level 10 coming in early January.

on the title above to go straight to his website!!!

STAY TUNED for a detailed review with close-up pictures of these TOP OF THE LINE grippers from Wade Gillingham @ Gripper Superstore!!!