Monday, January 30, 2012

200th Gripper = GHP Level 10

Here's a pic of my 200th gripper to my collection and it's a very special gripper

Wade Gillingham of Gripper Super Store sent me a GHP Level 10 Gripper that was the
2nd one made. Wade told me Richard Sorin got the first one and Wade got number 3 and 4.

For a collector like myself this is HUGE!

I left the gripper in the package as I received it marked No.2 by Wade Gillingham
as can be seen from the pic along with the rest of the GHP line-up.

Move over Iron Mind Captain's of Crush! There's a NEW gold standard in torsion spring hand grippers and they go by the name, Gillingham High Performance!!!

I would like to THANK Wade for being so considerate in letting me have this gripper!!!

You're a class act Wade!!!