Sunday, February 5, 2012

DIY Injury Rehab - Got Tennis Elbow?

Here's a video of a GREAT resource I came across and am now using on a daily basis.
Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis)is one of the most common injuries related to grip sports and Ian Constable has a very unique and worthwhile program you can purchase for nearly the price of a hand gripper and get you on the road to recovery and back to training.

To top things off Ian Constable knows exactly what he's doing with 25 years of experience in tendinopathies.

I'm on day 9 of my treatments and I can certainly tell the difference. The video assessment is FREE and very comprehensive. You'll get an e-mail describing your condition and at what stage your tendonitis is currently at and what exercises are best for you. This IS NOT a "cookie cutter" program where one program fits all. Your video exercises are designed specifically for YOU and your current condition. This is what I like BEST about DIYINJURYREHAB!!!

Hope you follow the video and go to his HOME PAGE and click "Tennis Elbow Assessment" to get started on your road to recovery!

You can go to the HOME page by simply clicking on my title page at the top of this blog post!

Tell Ian that Mighty Joe sent you!!!

Hope this helps!!!

Stay STRONG and Injury Free!!!