Sunday, March 15, 2009

2" V-Bar *PR* LH = #182, RH = #172

After a light warm-up I tried for another record on the 2" V-Bar.

I started not to even try because it was cold and damp and the bar
was moist feeling. Even more, I had done heavy negatives Saturday
with my Negative Machine.

Even with this against me I went for it and got 2 *PR's*!

Right Hand = 172 lbs.

Left Hand = 182 lbs.

My right is behind possibly because of a nagging wrist problem
I've had for nearly a year now. I've eliminated exercises that
irritate it to see if this helps.

Workout looked like this:

Warm-up - 127 lbs. RH & LH x 3

162 lbs. RH & LH x 2

172 lbs. RH & LH x 2

182 lbs. RH failed, LH x 3

I've exceeded my goal (175 lbs.) for 2009 on this lift.

My "New Goal" is 200 lbs.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!