Sunday, September 28, 2008

Walk/Jog Program

Monday, September 29, 2008 I will start my walk/jog program to lose a little weight and to regain some of my cardio.

If your heart and lungs aren't in shape then it doesn't matter
how strong you are because without both you can never acheive
complete fitness.

This day is also my birthday. This will make it easy to remember when I started and make it easier to chart my progress. By the way,
I'm 46.

I should be under a 10 minute mile within 6 weeks. My other training
will stay the same except the addition of cardio work. I bought a pair
of New Balance 846 running shoes to help prevent over-pronation. These
shoes have a medial post to prevent this. Over-pronation is the number
one cause of shin splints. My new shoes are pictured above, right.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!