Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I would like to introduce a NEW company from South Korea by the name of Manus Grip which offers precision made Grip products for sale. Including Manus Grips (for weight lifters & arm wrestlers), Torsion Spring Hand Grippers (for gripsters), Precision Gripper Setting Cards,
Ninja Nails and high quality pads, (for benders) and MUCH MORE!

I've posted a pic of the Manus Grips and 2 of the 5 available Animal Hunter torsion spring hand grippers.

I will have TONS MORE to share as soon as I get my shipment in the mail for REVIEW (probably within 2 weeks).

I've been in contact with Seung-Min of Manus Grip for about a week now and I must say this gentleman is a True Supporter of All Things GRIP!!!

Expect BIG things from Manus Grip!!!

I would like to personally WELCOME Manus Grip to the USA!!!

Stay Tuned!!!