Monday, December 5, 2011

CRUSH! Total Gripper Domination

Today I want to introduce to you the BEST information on DVD that I've reviewed to date on Gripper Training and it's called "Crush! Total Gripper Domination" by Jedd Johnson.

I just finished watching the whole series of videos yesterday (took 2 days)and
I was impressed to the core with all the content Jedd covers in these DVD's! I can't think of hardly any detail he left out. This information is valuable to the beginner, advanced, and elite level individuals who desire to progress with grippers including torsion spring type grippers and adjustable grippers such as David Horne's Vulcan.

Grippers have to rank as one of the all time favorites as a test of one's hand strength, specifically crush strength. These grippers are used in nearly all grip contests held world wide in some way or another.

I would strongly suggest if you'd like to get better at closing BIG grippers or just getting an upper hand on your competition in your crushing strength you need to purchase CRUSH from Jedd! You simply can't go wrong in my opinion. And if it matters my opinion comes from an involvement in grippers and grip strength related feats since 1979 and I possibly own one of the World's Largest Gripper Collections of nearly 200 grippers from various makers and suppliers.

Get your copy today by clicking here: CRUSH: Total Gripper Domination

Tell him Mighty Joe sent you!

Just so you'll know I'm not making any profits from these sales. I simply believe from experience that this information is top notch, up to date, and comes from a guy with an extreme passion for all areas of Grip. For those of you who may not know, Jedd Johnson is a living icon to the Grip Community and no one contributes as much as Jedd does to this fantastic sport!

THANKS for supporting Jedd Johnson's work and efforts to better the Grip World!!!