Monday, February 22, 2010

David Horne's Vulcan & Thumb Screw

In 2008 David Horne came out with the Vulcan, (pictured on the right) and in 2009 he came out with an ttachment called a Thumb Screw (pictured on the left) that attaches to the ends of the Vulcan handles which converts the Vulcan into a pinch grip device for various exercises.

I can't say enough GOOD about these 2 pieces of equipment. I believe the Vulcan along with the Thumb Screw (sold seperately) is the most versatile Grip Tool on the market today. Also sold seperately is 2 different springs to use with the Thumb Screw. The orange spring is 40% weaker than the red/black spring that comes with the Vulcan and a white spring that is 60% weaker. To make it even more adjustable you can use rubber bands instead of the spring(s).

You can order your Vulcan and Thumb Screw from David Horne's website,

Hope you enjoyed this review and I know you'll enjoy the Vulcan/Thumb Screw.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!